Information on TISOH


How has TISOH distinguished itself?

-Accredited by ACCET


-Recognized by major hospitality associations such as Les Clefs d’Or, National Association for Catering & Events, Int’l Special Events Society, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and many more.


-Certified top industry professional faculty


-Externships included


-Unique programs in concierge (guest service), wedding planning, event planning, catering, HR, leadership, marketing and more.


What students think of TISOH


-96% student satisfaction rate


-Small classes


-Incredible networking


-Lively classes with guest speakers, site visits and more


-Shadowing externships


-Best way to launch a career


How can TISOH partner with your organization?


-Unique programs that appeal to students and working professionals wanting to enter or advance in hospitality


-In class and online programs


-Broaden your scope of programs- TISOH offers 3-month hospitality Certificate and Diplomas


-Custom immersion programs with online learning and 1-2 week residency in Las Vegas


-Students can enter on M-1 or B visas (depending on program length)


-Competitive referral percentages

Welcome to Las Vegas Nevada

The International School of Hospitality welcomes students from all countries. The school actively seeks opportunities with agents and representatives to introduce the school to students from all corners of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions




Why choose TISOH: The International School of Hospitality?

1. TISOH is an accredited and recognized hospitality training school located in Las Vegas – the hospitality capital of the world.

2.  TISOH offers short-term, practical training and career development programs in hospitality.

3. TISOH faculty are both top industry professionals and Certified Hospitality Educators.

4. 95% student satisfaction rate.

5. Study Smart – Students work on project-based learning lessons with guest speaker panels, site visits. Both classroom and online students can access lessons, homework and learning materials via the Brightspace on-line learning management system.

6. TISOH offers the Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations and Diploma in Hotel Operations for students wishing to enter on a student visa or on B visas (if the weekly class time is 16 hours per week or below), and Certificate programs that students can enter on B visas for.

7. TISOH offers programs in conference and event management, wedding planning, hotel operations, concierge, catering, hospitality leaderships, hospitality human resources, tradeshow and marketing & sales.

8. Externships – most courses require short externships. Externships are shadowing experiences where students can experience what it is like and what it takes to work in a specific position in the hospitality industry. It is also a most valuable networking opportunity. Nothing can replace personal experiences, and an externship is an excellent way to achieve this.


What year did TISOH open?
The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005 by a team of university professors and industry professionals.


Is TISOH accredited?
Yes. TISOH is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training and an academic partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.


How many classrooms does TISOH have?
TISOH has 8 state-of-the-art classrooms equipped with large monitors of mostly 80-inches, powered desk spaces and Wi-Fi, all featuring the latest instructional technology.


How many students in a class?
TISOH’s prides itself in providing small class sizes. Classes average between 8 to 12 students.


What kind of school facilities does TISOH offer?
The school has a computer lab for students to study in, a hospitality lab for live hotel simulation exercises, and an events design lab that showcases the latest trends in event design, décor and lighting sponsored by MGM Resorts Event Productions. Students can relax in a comfortable student lounge equipped with television monitors, counter study space, bistro style seating, a vending machine, water fountains and other features.




What type of courses does TISOH offer?

TISOH offers classroom and online courses include: Hospitality English, Conference Management and Event Planning, Concierge, Catering, Hospitality Leadership and Supervision, Hospitality Human Resources, Hotel Operations, Tradeshow and Expositions, Marketing & Sales, and Wedding Coordination and Design.


Does TISOH offer online classes?
Yes. TISOH offers on-classes for all programs, suitable for intermediate speaking English international students.


What are tuition costs and fees?
 2016 Tuition Costs


Certificate of Hospitality English (30 lessons/week):
Level 1-  tuition per 10-week session $3,600, textbooks $170.00
Level 2 – tuition per 10-week session $3,600, textbooks $110.00
Level 3 – tuition per 10-week session $3,600, textbooks $103.00
Level 4 – tuition per 10-week session $3,600, textbooks $111.00

Other Fees
Application fee: $150

Material fee: $90
Homestay placement fee: $75


Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations:

An Executive Diploma is awarded to those who demonstrate a comprehensive competency in any of three tracks within hospitality operations. Students can choose to concentrate in conference management, hotel operations & concierge services, or wedding planning. Students also take required coursework in hospitality leadership & supervision and hospitality human resources. Graduates receive additional certificates from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute. 315 hours classroom/30-45 hours externship. Tuition: $6,970.00

Other Fees:

Application fee: $150
Technology fee: $90
Textbooks: $45-$150 per course


Certificate Courses
Art of Concierge (AOC)* – 10 weeks/45 hr. class, tuition: $1,650.00
Conference Management & Event Planning (CMEP)* – 12 weeks/90 hr. class, tuition: $2,950.00

Conference Mgmt. & Event Planning FASTtrack (CMEPFT)* – 5 weeks/90 hr. class, tuition: $2,950.00

Event Design & Production (EDP) – 10 weeks/45 hr. class, tuition: $1,650.00

Hospitality Human Resources (HHR) – 12 weeks/90 hr. class, tuition: $1,800.00

Hospitality Leadership and Supervision (HLS) – 12 weeks/90 hr. class, tuition: $1,800.00
Hotel Operations (HOC)* –12 weeks/90 hr. class, tuition: $2,950.00
Hospitality Marketing & Sales (HMS) – 10 weeks/45 hr. class, tuition: $1,650.00

Meeting & Event Catering (MEC) – 10 weeks/45 hr. class, tuition: $1,650.00

Expositions & Tradeshow Management (ETM)– 10 weeks/45 hr. class, tuition: $1,650.00

Wedding Coordination & Design (WCD)* – 12 weeks/90 hr. class, tuition: $2,950.00
Art of Food and Beverage (AFB) – 12 weeks/45 hr. class, tuition: $1,650.00

Additional Fees for Certificate Courses
– Application fee: $150
– Technology fee: $90
– Textbooks: $45-$150 per course
*Classes with externship requirement




Is there a minimum age requirement for admission to TISOH?
Yes, the minimum age is 18 years old. 


Is a High School Diploma or equivalent required to be admitted to TISOH?
Yes, a high school diploma or General Education Diploma (GED) is required for admission. All students must submit proof.


Does TISOH require an English requirement?
Yes. The Certificate of Hospitality English (Level 1) requires an iBT TOEFL score 30. Other programs require students to have an intermediate to advanced level of English proficiency.


Does TISOH offer an on-line English Placement Exam for non-English speakers?
Yes. Students can take the Oxford English Placement Exam. Please contact a school advisor.


Do international students need health insurance?
Yes, all international students need proof of health insurance. Students can purchase travel health insurance in their home country or purchase at TISOH. Students can also purchase on-line. Visit the Student International Insurance website at or call ISO at (800) 244-1180 or
e-mail to


Is there help to reserve housing?
Yes. Students can reserve homestay housing (room only, no meals, single or double occupancy) or extended stay at hotels similar to Marriott Residence Inn (transportation included).


When do sessions start?
Spring Session: mid-January
Summer Session: mid-May
Summer Immersion Program: early May
Fall Session: mid-September

FASTrack Sessions: early March, mid-July and mid-October
On-line Courses: mid-January, mid-May and mid-September

For precise dates, please visit


What is the deadline for applying?
TISOH recommends students sign up for classes at least three weeks before the first day of classes to secure a place in your course.


How do I make payments?
The application processing fee as well as any deposits must be paid in US dollars. You may pay fees and deposits by using the Credit Card Authorization Form (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards are accepted) in the TISOH application form. If you prefer not to pay by credit card, TISOH can also accept checks drawn from a US bank, postal money orders, or Cashier’s check. All of these must be payable to The International School of Hospitality. Tuition may be paid using all of the above methods or by wire transfer of the funds.


Can I apply for financial aid?
TISOH does not offer a financial assistance program, but installment and scholarship opportunities are available. Please contact the school for more information.


Are textbooks included in my tuition fees?
No, textbooks are not included in tuition. The cost of textbooks varies from $45.00 – $150.00 depending on the course.




What are the visa requirements?
Students who study more than 18 hours per week will need to apply for an M-1 Visa. Students who study under 18 hours per week can enter the U.S on a B1/B2 Tourist Visa.


How do I get a student visa?
According to U.S. immigration laws, you must enter the United States on a nonimmigrant, student (M-1) Visa if you wish to study more than 18 hours per week in TISOH’s diploma or certificated programs.  TISOH is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students. To obtain a M-1 student visa you will need to present to the U.S. Embassy or U.S. Consulate certain documents to demonstrate your intent to study in the United States and, after completion of your studies, return to your country.  The documents you need to include an I-20 obtained from TISOH, proof of financial certification, a valid passport, and evidence of ties to your country. In addition, a personal interview with a visa officer will be required. TISOH recommend that you make an appointment for your interview at least 60-120 days before the date you intend to begin your studies. For additional information on how to apply for a student visa, including the required visa application is available on US Embassy and Consulate websites which can be found at or


How does the student visa application process work?

In order to apply for a student visa, requires an I-20 A-B Certificate of Eligibility for Student Status, which will be issued by the TISOH International Student Office.  An I-20 visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in your home country is required, where they will decide whether to issue a student visa. For more information on student visas and to locate a Consular office see the Department of Homeland Security Study in the States website:


What is a SEVIS number and SEVIS I-901 fee?

When an I-20 is created a unique SEVIS ID number is generated. There is a $200 SEVIS I-901 fee that is required by the U.S. government to be paid for all I-20’s. TISOH can pay the SEVIS fee in advance on your behalf and bill you, or you can pay it on-line at Keep the receipt at all times.


How long can I stay in the U.S. on a student visa?

All M-1 students can enter the U.S. up to thirty days prior to the program’s start date with the I-20 certificate and student visa. M-1 students can stay in the U.S. for an additional thirty days after completing a program. Options to continue studying in the U.S. are more limited for M-1 students.


How do I get an I-20?
When applying to TISOH, make sure to indicate on the application that you need an I-20. You must provide documentation showing proof of financial responsibility. You must have enough money to pay for your semester tuition, living expenses and miscellaneous expenses.


What documents are required to apply for an international student?
– Completed and signed application form
– Non-refundable application fee.
– Financial certification documentation in English
– Copy of your current passport, showing your name and date of birth
– Copy of your high school transcripts or diploma
– English Requirement Proof (less than two years old) TOEFL, IELST
–  Housing deposit (if TISOH housing is required)
–  Express mail fee (if requested)
– Airport pick-up fee (if requested)
When TISOH receives your completed application, documents and deposits, your application will be processed. An acceptance packet will be sent to you, including your I-20.


You can submit your application on-line at
You can also send your application to:
The International School of Hospitality
3614 E. Sunset Road Suite 110
Las Vegas, NV  89120   USA


How long does it take to get an I-20 and visa?

We can issue the I-20 very quickly once you are accepted and have submitted the completed I-20 application documents.  The wait time to get a visa varies in different countries and at different times of the year. Please go to the website of the U.S. Embassy in your country to find out the current wait time and see this website for generally accurate info:


What is financial certification?
A student’s application must be accompanied by certification that while the student is attending TISOH he/she has sufficient funds available to meet combined living and tuition expenses. If a student is accompanied by family members, their living expenses must be covered as part of their student-dependent (M-2) visas. The following is an acceptable form of certification:


– A current personal bank statement or an original letter from the student’s bank, in English
– Both a letter/affidavit of support from a student’s parents or other source of support stating they will be responsible for the student’s expense during the student’s stay at TISOH, and a bank statement (or bank letter) verifying their financial ability to meet the student’s expense.
– A letter guaranteeing financial support from the student’s employer, in English.
– An original scholarship letter from the student’s government or other organization, in English.


Since you will need to present financial documentation to the U.S. Consular Officer when applying for a student visa, TISOH suggests that students make sufficient copies of all financial documentation for both TISOH and visa application purposes.


Does TISOH offer optional practical training (OPT) for M-1 visa students?
M-1 visa students are eligible for 1 month of OPT for every four months of study. Please consult a school advisor.