Letter from the Director

Does making someone’s day give you the chills?


Does making a difference give you personal happiness?


It is hard to describe the joy from seeing the face of a guest at the event you planned for them, or the wedding you coordinated, or the activities you prepared for their vacation.

The hospitality industry provides intrinsic value by the joy we provide others. Let TISOH (pronounced: tee-so) show how you can make this yours.

As you peruse our programs and information about the industry, think about where you would fit in, or give us a call and let us guide you.

Learning at TISOH is an exciting experience. You will learn from experts not just dedicated to the field, but dedicated to your success. These are some hallmarks of a TISOH education:


– Learning is not a static experience. The material you will use is developed by academicians, but presented to you by credentialed industry professionals. Academic committees review each course and ensure that they are practical, current and immediately applicable in the real world. This is what we mean when we advocate practical learning.


– Small classes are standard at TISOH. In addition, online programs feature one-on-one personalized instruction. Each instructor develops a personal interest in your professional well-being.


– Learning hospitality is not like learning rocket science. Our educational methodology teaches practical skills and networking. There is no need to be in school for years when one to six months will do. Our aim is to get you ready to work in the industry and advance your career.


– TISOH instructors and course developers are all highly respected professionals. Learn what the pros do and cut your learning curve significantly.

Our slogan at TISOH is “Dreams. Passions. Careers.” Isn’t it time you took the step to seek out your dreams, your passions and convert them into a solid career? Call us. We can help. We’ve been doing this for a long time.


— Timothy M. Lam, CHT CGSP
Executive Director


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