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Any questions not answered, simply email or call the school.



Permanent files are kept for all students. Students may access their grades at any time. Transcripts are available at any time after graduation upon payment of a $5 fee. Requests will be processed within 5 business days. Certificates can be replaced if lost. A $20 fee will apply. Requests will be processed within 15 business days

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General administration is the responsibility of the Executive Director. Academic issues are the responsibility of the Director of Academic Affairs. Registration and records are the responsibility of the Director of Admissions and Recruitment. Strategic direction is the responsibility of the Directors with consultation from the Advisory Board.



In addition to a professional development module included in all TISOH programs, students may attend complimentary workshops that may include resume and cover letter writing, interview coaching, Microsoft Office training, presentation skills and more. Online students may set-up one-on-one phone consultations.


Diploma students receive access to careerSUITE, a series of personalized career counseling, training and placement assistance services



Students who require academic advising may meet regularly with trained and experienced school advisors that are familiar with their specific educational goals and career paths. The advisors offer learning recommendations and help each student stay on track to reach their short and long term educational objectives.



The Family Educational Rights & Policy Act of 1974 (FERPA) states that no one other than the student is entitled to information on a student’s record (except directory information) unless the student has signed a release form and it is on file with the institution.



Classroom students who are attending from out-of-state or out of the country may utilize our housing network resource, which comprises of an updated listing of recommended extended stay hotel options, short-term apartment leases, and home-stay arrangements. In some home-stay arrangements, regular transportation to and from school can also be included.

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Whether a student is starting a new career or seeking to advance in one, it is vitally important to build and maintain a professional network of business contacts. TISOH is proud to partner with ten national and international industry associations. These associations have regular meetings and events where TISOH students are invited to attend. School faculty and alumni also belong to these associations and may act as facilitators for introductions.



By hosting distinguished guest speaker panel presentations, TISOH programs attempt to bring the industry to our students. These panels comprise of executives and top professionals representing different segments of the industry. They directly relate their meaningful work history and operational responsibilities to students, sharing stories describing their personal career journeys. Online students have access to recorded video panel presentations where available.



Students who wish to bring their notebook computers to class may enjoy high speed internet access. PC’s are available for student use at the school facility.



Many classroom programs require externships that serve as important practical learning experiences. The school has 1,000 hours or more of externship opportunities available every semester. Online students receive assistance from the school to perform an externship in Las Vegas (can normally be condensed for completion in 2-3 days) or letters of introduction and contacts where available in their local area.



Most TISOH programs are project based and require students to create professional portfolios that showcase their ability and skill. To facilitate learning, faculty instructors are assigned to students as mentors. These mentors are familiar with the progress of their student mentees and can act as a go-to source for questions and guidance. For online students, their assigned instructor acts as their personal mentor.



For classroom students who are also working adults, it is possible that they may have to miss an occasional session. TISOH offers an online companion resource that mirrors and supplements learning materials presented in the classroom. Simply log in to the online learning environment and view missed presentations.



While basic computer proficiency is a requirement in the modern hospitality workplace, we recognize that not all students have the requisite skills. TISOH offers technical support ranging from remedial to advanced assistance on a reasonable basis. The school is not a computer school and will not teach computer software programs in their entirety or provide hardware support on a regular basis. However, trained staff members are ready to meet with students offering step by step tech support as needed. For online students, technical support is available through mail and phone consultations.



Learning a new career or a new skill set is a challenging endeavor. This is especially true for adult learners, who may have rusty study skills. Our caring instructors are willing to donate their time to offer assistance outside of class. Simply reach out and schedule appointments. For online students, your assigned instructor is an ever present resource.



In the unlikely event that a student wants to withdraw from an active classroom or online program, they may do so by submitting a formal withdrawal request and completing a brief withdrawal survey.

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No approval is better than a referral. To show TISOH’s appreciation for the numerous referrals we received from others, we will present you with a $50 gift card every time a friend enrolls.


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