5 Ways to Quickly Chill a Bottle of Wine

13:28 14 December in Blog

The holidays are a prime time for entertaining and getting reacquainted with family and friends. That means many opportunities for dining occasions to delight and impress those to whom you hold dearly. One all too common hosting situation, even for the most experienced event planner, is running out of chilled champagne or white wine at an event. Remedy this situation by using some basic science as a guide. Knowing the ideal room temperature for red wines, and the temperature goal for...


The Most Exotic Wedding Destinations in The World

14:06 07 December in Blog

Exotic wedding destinations in faraway locations are often a dream that some couples decide to make a reality when planning for their special day. In fact, 24 percent of all weddings in the United States are destination weddings. Of that 24 percent, 30 percent of those couples elect to go a step further, and exchange vows in exotic destination style weddings. Destination weddings often take place in some of the most romantic locations in the world. If you and your significant...


7 Essential Traits of a Successful Hotel Manager

12:19 30 November in Blog

Although the massive Las Vegas resorts often feel larger than life, they are all managed by a highly skilled and passionate hotel manager. Hotel managers at these luxurious resorts are required to wear multiple hats to fulfill their daily responsibilities. They must be able to provide a resort environment teeming with hospitality while creating a dynamic work environment for employees. The largest hotels in Las Vegas can have more than 6,000 rooms while employing as many as 10,000 people. While this...


5 Festive Fall Beverage Recipes

09:04 25 November in Blog

As the daylight starts to fade earlier, and the mercury begins to dip southward, the outdoor visual changes create new seasonal opportunities for fall beverages. Whether you are ordering drinks from an accomplished mixologist, or you're planning a simple gathering at home, a basic knowledge of festive fall cocktails is in order. When considering fall beverages, keep in mind color, flavor, and temperature. This is also the season of the beverage garnish. Indeed, the garnish is a prime opportunity to jazz...

Careers in Hospitality

5 Reasons to Choose a Career in Hospitality

11:46 16 November in Blog

When considering a career, the timeless advice of choosing something that interests you could never be more relevant than when considering a potential career in the hospitality industry. When one considers he could be working long hours in a career field for decades, the actual value of that advice becomes clearer. It is no coincidence people gravitate toward jobs in which they excel. Individuals who make the decision to pursue a career in hospitality often do so for a variety of...

Halloween 2015 Dowtown Las Veags

A Howlin’ Good Time in Vegas: Halloween 2015 Recap

16:48 02 November in Blog

After what seems like months endless heat and pool parties galore, the cooler weather of Halloween was a welcome reminder of the season. The cooler weather gets residents and visitors alike excited for a different type of Vegas party. Las Vegas, known as The Entertainment Capital of the World certainly earns its reputation during Halloween. It should be mentioned that Halloween in Vegas can start as early as six days before the actual holiday in many bars and nightclubs, with October...


At Home at a Hotel: Maximizing Your Guest’s Experience

11:54 26 October in Blog

In addition to providing guests with clean towels to take a shower and a safe refuge for the night, successful hoteliers strive to make guests feel comfortable while they are away from home. As basic as this may sound, excelling at this sometimes elusive goal requires training, skill and sometimes a bit of detective work that would impress even a seasoned mystery novelist. The number one priority of a hotel is to make each guest feel as comfortable as they would...

Event Planning

Top 10 Event Planning Blogs to Check Out

14:38 19 October in Blog

Event planning is a detail oriented activity best approached with logical thinking, copious note taking and leaving nothing to chance. Planning events should never be an opportunity for a planner to test his luck or hope everything falls into place. All aspects of a successful event must be planned down to the last detail. If an event planner leaves anything up to chance, it is likely something unwanted and unexpected will materialize, and more often than not, at the worst possible...

Environmentally Friendly Green Wedding

Unique Wedding Themes and Inspirational Ideas

15:13 16 October in Blog

While more than 87,000 weddings took place in Las Vegas last year, what they all have in common is a simple trip to the Clark County Courthouse, and a $77 wedding license fee.  That is, however, all they must have in common, as newlyweds today have more choices than ever in personalizing their wedding plans to reflect their individualism and lifestyles. Living in Las Vegas and working in the casino catering industry provides numerous opportunities to experience and enjoy some of...