Wedding Planning Certificate



Wedding planning goes by many names including bridal planning, wedding design, wedding coordination etc. All refer to one special mission: to make the couple’s day special and exceed their every dream. That is what makes wedding planning such a desired career choice and a wedding planning certificate essential. wedding planning certificate


Wedding planning is all about making dreams come true. Many dream of being a wedding planner through achieving a wedding planning certificate for various reasons. It is an opportunity to be highly creative, to enjoy the unparalleled instant gratification of making someone’s day and much more. The ultimate reason though, for taking a wedding planning certificate is to be happy at one’s chosen career.


Wedding planners work as independent business owners, at a country club, hotel or banquet venue, or in any company that services the wedding industry. Generally, wedding planners credentialed with a wedding planning certificate would create their services, do a lot of networking with vendors (such as DJ’s, florists, caterers, etc.), become a confidante with their couples, create timelines, production schedules, and handle the myriad of associated details. Those with a wedding planning certificate are the conductor of the entire event, the one person that everyone turns to and the one leader that makes everything happen. A wedding planner knows all the tricks of the trade and has the connections and training to make magic happen.


Education is an efficient way to get into an industry. Wedding planning is a special niche area of special events. As such, education such as a wedding planning certificate is doubly important. Education brings expert knowledge to your fingertips.


A wedding planning certificate ensures that one has the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in wedding planning. Learning on the job is not systematic and no guarantee that one will know the basics. In other words, without a wedding planning certificate, there will be many knowledge gaps.


A wedding planning certificate teaches the basics of planning a ceremony, a reception, the cultural aspects and how to work with couples. Choosing the right school to take a wedding planning certificate is important. Be sure to check for accreditation, licensing, industry affiliation, instructor and course developer credentials. Use The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) in Las Vegas as a measuring stick.