5 Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Diploma in Hospitality Operations

Admissions Manager Ashley Disbennett Breaks Down the Benefits of the DHO 


TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a leader in the hospitality industry, specializing in training both newcomers to the field and experienced hospitality professionals. For those who are starting their career in hospitality, TISOH’s Diploma of Hospitality Operations (DHO) program has proven to be the industry’s gold standard. As one of the top hospitality schools in the nation, TISOH combines academic studies, instruction from industry professionals, and on-the-job shadowing to give students entering the job market a jump on the competition.  

For anyone considering a career in hospitality (whether new to the industry or eyeing a career change), now is the time to pursue that dream. Las Vegas is expected to fully re-open as early as June 2021, and companies throughout the nation’s hospitality mecca will be looking to hire workers. With many incumbents having left the city or the industry, right now presents an extraordinary opportunity to join the field. 

TISOH’s Diploma of Hospitality Operations (DHO) program, which consists of five required courses and two electives, “provides students with a solid foundation and the skill set needed for success,” explains Admissions and Recruitment Manager Ashley Disbennett. “When students come in, we sit down and have a conversation about their interests and career goals to figure out what a good fit would be for them” Disbennett continued. A valued resource at TISOH, Ashley Disbennett knows the programs, the students, and the benefits of a TISOH education almost better than anyone. We sat down with Ashley recently and heard her top five reasons for recommending the DHO program to prospective students interested in joining the hospitality field. 

  • A Diploma that Packs a Punch

As visitors return to Las Vegas, so will jobs in hospitality. And hotel properties, Disbennett points out, will be looking to find “fresh, vibrant talent.” A TISOH diploma is valued across the hospitality industry, and potential employers know and respect the training TISOH provides. With a TISOH diploma in hand, recruiters will know that graduates are ready to “deliver top-notch guest services every single day.” 


  • Job Interview Confidence

Once you schedule that interview, you’ll go in with confidence, thanks to your training and preparation from TISOH. In the DHO’s Professional Presence in Hospitality course, students learn interview skills and how to make a stellar first impression. Says Disbennett, “This course really sets students up for the next step after graduation, helping them find employment.” 


  • Externship Experience

As a TISOH alum, you’ll graduate with experience already under your belt. The DHO program includes an externship course, in which students gain real, on-the-job experience. Using our network of industry relationships we’ve built over time, TISOH pairs students with opportunities for 45 hours of on-the-job shadowing. “Being able to connect students through our framework of relationships is really valuable to our students,” Disbennett says. “We’ve seen students get job offers out of externships.” 


  • Network Opportunities

When you partner with TISOH for your education and training, you gain access to our entire network of connections and industry opportunities. “There is always a chance to connect with industry professionals,” Disbennett says. “We are all about building a bridge. When you come to a school like TISOH, you don’t do it by yourself. You have the support of the entire school and the faculty to help you meet your goals.” TISOH offers webinars, mixers and events throughout the year, linking students, alumni and industry professionals to facilitate networking and create opportunities.


  • Get in the Game 

Career changes can be difficult, but with TISOH by your side you will have a support system in place to help ensure your success. The team at TISOH wants you to know it’s never too late to get started, and they are here to help you succeed. “Age doesn’t matter,” Disbennett says. “You can get started in a career that you’re passionate about at any point of time in your life. You just have to take that first step.” 


If you are ready to take that first step, the time is now! With Las Vegas poised to fully re-open, and many industry incumbents having left the city or the industry, there will be a vast amount of job opportunities available. With a Diploma in Hospitality Operations from TISOH, you will stand out from the crowd, holding a credential that is recognized and respected across the industry. Bring your enthusiasm and desire for change to TISOH, and we will help you turn that energy into a Diploma that can get you hired. We are here to help you succeed -  Contact Ashley and our Admissions team today to find out how you can get started!