TISOH is fully operational but our campus is closed.

The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is our top priority. So is the education that our students have entrusted to us.

Prospective Students:

Enrollment is open and we encourage you to reach out with questions by phone (702) 947-7200 or email Hours of operation are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Current Classroom Students:

Ground-based classes are suspended for one week to allow the administration and faculty to transition to a tele/video conferencing-based modality.

Classes resume on March 23, picking up from where the schedule left off. Ground-based students will continue to have access to their Brightspace account, without interruption. Students are expected to attend classes on their usual scheduled time, not physically at TISOH, but on their computer, mobile device, or tablet. Further instructions on tele/video conferencing will be provided next week.

The academic team will provide technical support assistance prior to classes resuming remotely on March 23. We are here to help and to ensure that this transition does not unduly disrupt your learning experience at TISOH. Please call the provided hotlines if you have questions.

Spring Semester End Date

The spring semester for classroom students will end one week later than announced, due to the above transition to remote instruction.

Vocational Rehabilitation or WIOA Students:

Schedule change inquiries for students receiving vocational rehabilitation or WIOA funding benefits can be directed to Ashley Disbennett, Admissions and Recruitment Manager at

Students Receiving VA Benefits:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Services regulations regarding COVID-19 are still evolving. TISOH has been in correspondence with Michelle Nash, State Approving Agency Representative and Postsecondary Education Specialist-Veterans Affairs from the CPE. VA will provide further guidance on March 18 for schools that have changes in training modalities and operation statuses due to COVID-19. Students receiving VA benefits should contact Ashley Disbennett, Admissions and Recruitment Manager at for the latest arrangements regarding your education.

Current Online Students:

Classes will continue as normal for online students. Students should contact their instructor for individual circumstances, due to COVID-19, should they need extra time and not able to meet assignment due dates.

Current Students enrolled in an Externship Course (HEX):

Students enrolled in Hospitality Externship (HEX) are highly encouraged at this time to defer the completion of the course. Course deferral can be arranged with Anthony Lai, Student Affairs Program Manager at or (702) 947-7200 ext. 206. Although the externship requirement cannot be waived for vocational students enrolled in the Diploma in Hospitality Operations, there will be no penalty for delayed graduation due to the externship not being completed.

April Graduation Ceremony:

The April graduation ceremony is canceled. Those graduating in the Spring semester will be invited to celebrate their accomplishments at the August graduation ceremony and reception.

Hospitality Community:

All meetings and courses are canceled until further notice.

Alumni Association:

The Industry Open House has been canceled. All future meetings will be virtual until further notice.

TISOH will continue to provide information to students and faculty. Additional information that may be useful regarding COVID-19 include the following: