COVID-19 Phase One Reopening

TISOH is fully operational but our campus is closed to open visitation. We entered Phase One of our reopening plan on 18 May, 2020 with strict physical distancing guidelines for staff. Students and visitors are not encouraged to visit the school during Phase One.

While online courses will be offered as normal, all classroom courses are being delivered through remote learning format for the Summer 2020 semester. As we care deeply for the health and safety of our school community and the academic integrity of our curriculum, this decision was made to ensure a cohesive and consistent learning experience. Rest assured, we expect to offer the full TISOH experience with more student services planned than ever before.

Prospective Students:

Enrollment is open. For the Fall 2020 semester, we will offer two learning formats: LIVE Classroom+Remote or Online

LIVE Classroom+Remote is a duo modality method that enables us to deliver the best of both worlds in terms of learning formats. The curriculum will be taught partially in classroom sessions on campus and partially through remote (Zoom) lectures at home. This allows us to ensure that the school can provide physical distancing on campus while also providing the immersion of a classroom learning experience. If you are a student who is in Las Vegas and can commit to twice-a-week scheduled class sessions, then this is the ideal learning format for you.

Online is a single modality method where students will join a cohort of online learners and enjoy close personalized instruction from an industry teacher. This is our most flexible learning method as there are no scheduled class sessions. Students have 24/7 access to course lectures and materials. If you are a student who is not in Las Vegas, or have a fluid calendar due to work or home life (where you are not able to commit to twice-a-week scheduled class sessions), then this may be the best fitting learning format for you.

We encourage you to reach out with questions by phone (702) 947-7200 or email Hours of operation during Phase One are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

While the LIVE Classroom+Remote format is straightforward, some of you may be curious to see what remote learning is like. Learn more here: click here.

Vocational Rehabilitation or WIOA Students:

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Education Services has approved veteran benefits for TISOH classroom (remote learning) students enrolled in the Summer 2020 semester. Similarly, students who enroll in the Fall 2020 semester in the LIVE Classroom+Remote format is also approved for veteran benefits. Additional inquiries for students receiving vocational rehabilitation or WIOA funding benefits can be directed to Ashley Disbennett, Admissions and Recruitment Manager at

Hospitality Community:

All in-person meetings and extra-curricular courses are canceled until further notice. Please refer to our Phase One reopening plan above for more details.

Alumni Association:

All future meetings will be virtual until further notice.

TISOH will continue to provide information to students and faculty. Additional information that may be useful regarding COVID-19 include the following: