Learning Formats during COVID-19

LIVE Interactive Remote Learning Format for Spring 2021 Semester

What you need to know as a studentAnnouncement: To ensure the health and safety of our students and faculty, all classroom programs for Spring 2021 semester will be offered in a LIVE Interactive Remote learning format.  We have added more industry-focused interactivity and fun to class sessions delivered straight to our students' homes via all-new rich, live, engaging remote Zoom sessions.  The campus remains open by appointment for student services including study time, computer lab use, counseling, advising and tutoring purposes.  Students, staff, and visitors must observe social distancing and have a face covering at all times.
Is a online learning format also available?

Yes. A traditional fully online format is available. Those who choose this format will join a cohort of online students and enjoy close personalized instruction from an industry teacher. Online students do not need to be available at set times during the week for live ZOOM class sessions as all lectures and materials can be accessed 24/7 via our Brightspace platform.Which learning format should I choose?The LIVE Interactive Remote format is ideal for students who really want an interactive learning experience with maximum student services, activities, and networking opportunities.The online format is ideal for students who demand maximum flexibility. If you are unable to commit to schedules class sessions during the week, perhaps due to work or life calendar conflicts, this may be the ideal format for you. Online students will enjoy close personalized attention from an industry teacher, interact via discussion forums and fireside chats with other students in the cohort, while still taking full advantage of all the student services TISOH provides.
What is remote learning like at TISOH?

TISOH is replicating the classroom learning experience for you at home. Instead of attending a live class lecture on campus, you will synchronously attend a video conferencing session at home on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. During the virtual class, you will see and hear your industry professional instructor teach. Additionally, you will be able to see your fellow classmates and engage in live discussion. Some students have said that they feel even more connected with the class in video conferencing than in person, as there is a constant sense of community as you see the faces of everyone in class at the same time on the same screen. Remote learning can actually make you feel more a part of the overall learning experience.

Below is a video showing some remote learning experiences taken from recent classes:

How has the remote learning format improved for the Fall 2020 semester?

At TISOH, the Academic Team’s top priority is effective, engaging, and practical student learning. We and the faculty have been working consistently throughout the pandemic to provide improved, new, and innovative approaches to remote instruction, and are excited to offer an enhanced experience this fall.

· Industry Focused: Classes will “bring the hospitality industry” to the students with guest speakers, virtual site visits, and ala minute, topical discussions of the adapting hospitality landscape from our industry professional instructors. Faculty will share their insights and experiences with managing and creating great hospitality experiences during this time of change.

· Interactive: The remote classroom isn’t a passive classroom! Faculty have used and continue to implement new and innovative practices in order to ditch the textbook, and assist students in learning practically. This semester students will enjoy breakout rooms for group discussions, enhanced polling and bulletin board features, and advanced communication tools through Brightspace, so that class is social and educational.

· Fun!: The hospitality industry is all about creating fun, memorable experiences. TISOH is resolved that the learning experience should reflect that; in-class games, virtual scavenger hunts, image and video posting, and class document hubs have been brought into the curriculum so that students can share, talk about, and learn from and with each other and the industry at large.

How are assignments, presentations, and tests handled?

They are handled exactly the same way for all our learning formats. TISOH gives each student secure access to our user-friendly learning portal, Brightspace. Homework assignments are submitted digitally through the portal for grading. Quizzes and tests are also completed on Brightspace. For curriculums that require presentations, they are done through video conferencing during regularly scheduled class periods.

What student services does the school provide during the Fall 2020 semester?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, TISOH began offering many new student services via a remote modality during the Fall 2020 semester. This Spring, we plan to maintain those remote student service offerings while also delivering on the in-person student services that we always have provided. We are truly offering more services and activities than we have ever had before.

What level of student academic support can I expect through remote learning?

In addition to virtual workshops, TISOH also offers complimentary one-on-one tutoring sessions either in-person or remotely. Topics range from curriculum specific assistance to software/tech support. We are ready and willing to help you make the most of your learning experience, whether it is in person, remote, or online.

What kind of industry engagement can I expect during this Fall 2020 semester?

In addition to invitations to join select in-person industry association networking events, we will also have industry guest speakers that join in and present during remote class sessions.

I am a returning student who registered as a classroom student. What advice can you offer for next semester?

We have decided to offer the LIVE Interactive Remote learning format for Spring 2021. Rest assured that our commitment to quality is unchanged. This past year has shown that the world has changed and we must adapt and make the most of new opportunities. The most important thing to remember is the reason you became a TISOH student. Rely on your drive and enthusiasm to reach your academic and career goal. Do not allow uncertainty to derail your plans. Trust in us to deliver on your expectations.

I am a prospective student considering a classroom program next Spring but am still unsure about registering. What are my options?

Now, more than ever, it is important to be able to stand out amongst your peers. A TISOH credential is designed to help you shine. You can feel confident in making an enrollment decision now. You have the option to make any changes without penalty before the start of the next semester. By enrolling now, you will reserve your spot in any of our programs. The only thing you risk is the non-refundable application fee of $30.

What if I have more questions?

Call us at 702.947.7200 or email info@tisoh.com