TISOH is a proud M Life Insider Partner!

All M Life Insiders (and their immediate families) will receive a 10% tuition reduction. When submitting an online application, be sure to check the box for M Life Insider.

What is the tuition reimbursement amount available to M Life Insiders?

Beginning January 2019, M Life Insiders may apply for up to $4,000 tuition reimbursement per year. This amount will cover 100% of any single TISOH certificate program tuition. Check with your HR department for qualification and application details.

What programs are most popular with M Life Insiders?

Our certificates and diplomas are ideal for hospitality professionals who are looking to take the next step in their career. Our Hospitality Leadership & Management certificate will provide management skills that can enable a promotion. Our Hospitality Marketing & Sales certificate, among many others, can help boost your career profile or teach new skills to enable a lateral move within your organization for personal and professional growth.

What is the first step?

The first step is to check with your HR department about your eligibility for tuition reimbursement. For many of you, qualification just requires one year of full time employment. Your annual reimbursement benefits will cover the full tuition of a TISOH certificate. If you choose to apply for a diploma or executive diploma, the reimbursement amount will still go towards the full tuition. If you choose to enroll, we can provide an affordable installment plan, whereby your initial out-of-pocket expense is very reasonable and paid only for the duration of your course. Once you complete, you can present your transcript to HR to claim your reimbursement to cover the tuition you have paid and settle your balance.

What is the second step?

The second step is to learn more about or school! Stop by for a visit or call / chat with an admissions advisor to help select the right program for you.

Why do hospitality companies such as MGM Resorts International provide tuition reimbursement?

Because they believe that their employees should strive for continuous improvement in order to grow their careers within their company.

I am very busy. Will I have the time to commit to classes?

Yes! TISOH certificates and diplomas can be taken in classroom (Las Vegas) or fully online.

I heard about the M Life Insider College Opportunity Program. Is this the same thing?

No, TISOH offers continuing education programs that qualify for tuition savings and reimbursement without requiring M Life Insiders to apply for financial aid. Our program tuition is reasonable and often immediately yield results.

Is there anything else I should know?

Don’t delay! In order to be eligible, M Life Insiders must apply and be approved for tuition reimbursement benefits before classes start. The upcoming session begins January 22.