Advance your Hospitality Career…

With an Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations from TISOH

If you are currently working in the field of hospitality, and you are interested in advancing your career, maybe it’s time to consider pursuing an advanced diploma. The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers an Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations (EDHO) specifically designed for current hospitality professionals with at least two years of supervisory experience in the industry. With the EDHO from The International School of Hospitality, you can enhance your skills, expand your knowledge base, and further your career. Read on to learn more about how you can advance your existing career with an Executive Diploma from TISOH, the International School of Hospitality.

Designed for students who are looking to advance their existing careers in the hospitality industry, the Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations program focuses on developing the high-level managerial skills necessary for top hospitality professionals. Through professional instruction and hands-on learning, EDHO students learn to master hospitality leadership, human resources management and data-driven decision making. Students learn how to utilize marketing and sales fundamentals to build important skills in hospitality industry analytics. The EDHO program has five required courses: Hospitality Human Resources, Hospitality Leadership and Management, Hospitality Marketing and Sales, Revenue Management and Analytics, and Hospitality Colloquia.  

The EDHO is a 315 clock-hour program, consisting of 31.5 quarter credits. There are three learning formats offered, so even the busiest students can customize their learning to fit their schedule. Students may choose to attend TISOH on campus in Las Vegas, Nevada; classroom sessions consist of two semesters of 12 units each. Students may also choose to take their courses online, with 24/7 access and a personal instructor. Third, students may choose a hybrid format, taking some courses online and others on campus. TISOH’s student-centered, user-friendly online learning platform allows students to receive the same quality instruction and educational materials as they would in the traditional classroom.

At TISOH, EDHO students receive exclusive access to CAREERsuite, a comprehensive range of career services. TISOH’s CAREERsuite of personalized services include: 

  • Career Selection Plan
  • Personalized Development
  • Regular Counseling
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Resume Writing
  • Computer Skills
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Active Placement

An Executive Diploma from TISOH will enable you to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a leader in the industry, and potential employers will recognize your commitment and high-level of training. TISOH is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in hospitality education, and is accredited through ACCET, the Accrediting Council on Continuing Education and Training. As a TISOH student, you will benefit from TISOH’s extensive network of industry partnerships and affiliates and have the opportunity to build an incredible network of mentors and contacts in the field. With the instruction and support of the professional faculty at TISOH, graduates go on to become the next generation of hospitality leaders.

With the Executive Diploma from TISOH, you can enhance your existing skills and gain the expert knowledge you need to pursue a higher-level position in the hospitality industry. If you are ready to take your hospitality career to the next level, contact TISOH today! With an Executive Diploma of Hospitality Operations, you can be a top-tier job candidate for the position of your choosing. Show the hospitality world exactly what you’ve got to offer, with an EDHO from TISOH!