Advantages of Planning an Off-Season Wedding

Industry statistics shows that 84 percent of couples gravitate toward a wedding date that lands somewhere between the months of May and October. Couples may choose to have their wedding during this time out of tradition, or just wanting the best weather possible for their special day.

Regardless of the reason, this desirable string of months creates a high demand period known as wedding season. For those couples who don't share the popular dream of getting married in May through October, there are advantages to planning a wedding event during off-peak months. Consider the following benefits of selecting an off-peak time for exchanging vows.

Reduced Venue Price

Opting for a wedding ceremony outside of the prime months can offer couples the opportunity to save up to 30 percent. Hotels have slower business periods when demand is lower. This lowered demand creates a window of opportunity to consider booking a wedding for savings.

There is little difference in the weather from the last week of April to the first week of May. The same goes for late October to the first week or so of November. The financial advantages of selecting a wedding date out of the May to October months can, however, be quite significant.

In general, venues are much more willing to negotiate food and beverage prices during slower times. Hotels would rather negotiate pricing than leave the site unoccupied, offering excellent opportunities for savings.

Increased Attendance

It is likely that your friends and family will receive a high number of wedding invitations during the peak wedding season. This high volume of wedding requests makes it much more likely for them to decline due to other commitments or simply wedding fatigue.

Couples who select off-peak wedding months often discover guests are more willing to attend or travel to a destination wedding. Also, air fares are traditionally much less during the off season wedding months. No doubt guests traveling to a wedding would appreciate this bonus.

Seasonal Themed Events

Consider a white winter wedding in January or February in an exotic wedding destination such as Lake Tahoe, to take advantage of the natural beauty of the season. Snowy places also offer remarkable opportunities for photographers to embrace the beauty of the season.

Professional wedding planners can also assist in combining winter weddings with seasonal activities, such as skiing or snowboarding activities for guests.

Early November weddings offer a perfect time for brilliant fall color themes. Locations that showcase the natural beauty of fall color makes this an excellent time of year to plan a wedding. Just be sure not to plan your wedding too close to Thanksgiving as your guests will likely already have plans.

Midweek Savings Options

If you have your heart set on a May through October wedding, couples might still find some opportunities for savings. Given that Saturday is the king of wedding days, couples who are comfortable selecting mid-week weddings can often save some cash as well. This offers couples the chance to save up to twenty percent on wedding costs.

When making wedding plans, it is important not to lose sight of the goal of uniting two people and beginning a new life together while being surrounded by friends and family. Professional wedding planners are well versed in creating a magical wedding day while keeping within a budget.