Always Have the TISOH Community by your Side!


When you finish your career training, do you want to walk out of the door of your school and say good-bye forever? Or do you want to remain a part of your school community, maintaining your connection to the resources and opportunities it offers? At TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, we believe in keeping our alumni close. We don’t simply offer career placement assistance, interviewing skills, resume building workshops, and one-on-one mentoring to current students- we offer help long after graduation! When you choose TISOH for your career training, you become a part of our community, and we will remain by your side for the entire duration of your career. Read on to learn more about, and how TISOH goes above and beyond to support our cherished alumni. 

TISOH is a unique school, designed and intended to create a tight community of industry professionals who continually come together to support each other, share knowledge and resources, create networking opportunities, and open doors for one another. At TISOH, we have always offered an extensive range of services to both current students and to alumni, in order to support our community. Current TISOH students and alumni alike have access to a comprehensive set of career services that includes resume writing assistance, interviewing skills practice, networking opportunities, and job placement assistance. Our new website,, expands our alumni support to a brand-new, user-friendly platform that we hope will become a central hub and home for our beloved TISOH community. 

TISOH worked closely with the TISOH Alumni Association Board to create this unique one-stop alumni services hub dedicated to supporting TISOH graduates worldwide. We are proud to have an alumni network over 3,000 strong, and it has always been one of our main priorities to provide our alumni with post-graduation support and services. This alumni support is a trademark of what we do at TISOH, and we developed to further our dedication to this mission. 

With, our alumni now have an enhanced way to connect with their community. offers you access to:

  • Curated job postings
  • Tips for success in the hospitality industry
  • Resources to keep you current and informed about industry news
  • The latest TISOH news and events
  • The TISOH blog
  • Webinars- videos featuring relevant and timely content
  • Alumni Spotlight- videos and interviews with featured alumni
  • Photo Gallery and the TISOHshop

Perhaps most importantly, offers you the ability to reach out and connect with your peers. Our alumni network is extensive, and we want you to remain a part of our community long after you graduate. As a TISOH graduate, you have a network of talented peers and industry contacts available to you. With, you have direct and continuing access to this hub of alumni support and resources. Benefit from everything your TISOH community has to offer by engaging with the TISOH Alumni Association. Create, collaborate, and innovate with others in the industry through networking and alumni events. Find your next career opportunity with our curated job postings. You can do it all, and you can do it with the TISOH community by your side! At TISOH, we are here to partner with you for the entire duration of your career. Come check out what has to offer you!