An Experience To Remember

How Event Planning Pros, Like TISOH Alum Hope Belleume, Create Incredible Experiences

You're twenty-three and it’s your birthday! You’ve decided to celebrate by taking a trip to Vegas with your best friends. This is your third trip to Las Vegas, and it’s been a year or two since your last visit. You and your friends check in to your hotel room at the Mandalay Bay, take a minute to unpack and freshen up, and you’re ready to hit the Strip. You’re ready for action and adventure - you’re looking for something different this time. An experience you haven’t had before, something to excite and intrigue you in a new way. 

Just minutes from the famed Las Vegas Strip, AREA 15 is 200,000 square feet of immersive experiences, exciting events, and artistic creativity beyond the imagination. Your best friend heard about it from her co-worker, and from what she told you, you know you just have to check it out. Your buds and you grab an Uber, and in just minutes you arrive at the front of a large, bunker-style building that doesn’t for a minute give away the surprise of what you’re yet to find inside. Brimming with excitement, you all hop out of your rideshare and are whisked inside. 

For just the price of your general admission tickets you enter an experiential retail and entertainment complex, the likes of which you have never seen before. From the moment you walk in the front door, your senses are overtaken with the possibilities of what awaits you. You’ve entered AREA 15, a place where anything you can imagine just might come true. You’ve stepped into a world of wonder, and you’re about to be amazed. 

Inside AREA 15 you and your friends find larger-than-life art installations that take your breath away. Then, stepping further into the depths of the giant bizarre, you encounter your first adventure: mind-altering virtual reality experiences. First up, the Illuminarium, a state-of-the-art cinematic experience featuring 4k interactive projection, 360 degree audio, in-floor vibrations, and even scent systems. Jurassic Park has never felt so real! You’re pretty sure you could smell the dinosaur’s breath. Next time, you tell each other, you’ll want to go on the Safari adventure for sure. 

After you and your friends ward off a couple of zombies in the “Army of the Dead” VR experience, you’re starving and ready for some refreshments. The Lumin Cafe awaits you, and you recharge yourselves with tasty cuisine designed by James Beard award-nominated and husband-wife business partners, Elizabeth Blau and chef Kim Canteenwalla of Blau + Associates. After enjoying a few delightful dishes and tasty libations, you all are ready for the ultimate in what Area 15 has to offer - tonight’s exclusive event, and you have VIP tickets. Intoxicating beats, a pulsing crowd, and a night to remember forever. What a birthday this has been!

AREA 15 is Las Vegas’ newest attraction; an entertainment, shopping and dining complex unlike any other. This immersive entertainment and events complex is filled with a playground of experiential attractions including art installations, food venues, and other worldly experiences. 
And it’s all possible thanks to the industry insiders and visionaries behind the scenes. Industry insiders like Hope Bellueme, TISOH alumni. Hope is the Event Producer for AREA 15 and she manages all of the public and private events from corporate, conventions, conferences, social parties, concerts, and festivals. 

How did Hope land such an incredible job? Hope came to AREA 15 with a unique skill set developed at TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. After working for several years in the banking industry, Hope enrolled at TISOH to pursue her passion to become an Event Planner. As a student in TISOH’s Diploma of Hospitality Operations program, Hope chose an Event Planning focus, which allowed her to take courses in Event Design and Production as well as Conference Design and Event Management. It was through these courses, taught by industry professional faculty, that Hope was able to develop the knowledge and skills she needed to pursue her dream career as an Event Planner. 

Hope was drawn to TISOH by the school’s short program lengths and industry professional faculty, which she knew would help her get the inside perspective and networking opportunities to land the job of her dreams. Speaking of her instructors, Hope says, “...They were instrumental in getting me to where I am today because of their knowledge and mentorship support especially after graduation.” At TISOH, all courses are taught by instructors who are true industry professionals with widespread industry relevance and recognition. Faculty members offer students a depth of experience in the real world, and students benefit from their first-hand knowledge, as well as guest speakers, expert panels, and networking opportunities. 

At TISOH, our goal is to see each of our students find rewarding employment in a field they are passionate about, just like Hope did. All courses are designed to provide realistic training that thoroughly prepares graduates for the realities of their future positions, so graduates enter the job market with confidence. Plus, TISOH graduates transition into the job market backed by the support of TISOH’s Career Services Department, which provides diploma students with a full suite of personalized services, including resume writing assistance, interviewing practice, and active job placement assistance. With TISOH, you can gain the knowledge, skills, and support you need to land the position of your dreams - just like Hope did! Contact TISOH today to get started!


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