Build Your Network…

With the TISOH Alumni Association

When you attend TISOH for your hospitality education, you gain even more than a professional certificate or diploma - with TISOH, you will gain a network of innovative, talented industry contacts. At TISOH, you will mingle with your fellow students, the future rising stars of hospitality. Engage with your instructors, leading, cutting-edge innovators in the industry. Observe and immerse yourself in the examples of your guest lecturers and externship hosts. And, perhaps most importantly as you transition from student to working professional, benefit from the established network of alums in the TISOH Alumni Association

With over 3,000 graduates worldwide, TISOH has a large network of talented alums. TISOH graduates go on to diverse sectors of the industry and exciting positions in hospitality; these former students join the TISOH Alumni Association to network with others in the industry and open up new opportunities to connect and collaborate. Every TISOH graduate is invited and encouraged to stay involved in alumni activities through the Alumni Association. Becoming involved in the Alumni Association is a good first step in building a valuable industry network. 

The TISOH Alumni board creates a dynamic and professional networking community for students and alums through mixers, philanthropy efforts, education, communication and support. Each semester the Alumni board offers four types of events to engage our community. TISOH Special Events are produced events with educational content and entertainment. Special Events feature exciting guest speakers, presenting on topics ranging from brand building to story-telling. These special events are usually held only once a semester, RSVP is required, and admission includes food and drink. 

The TISOH Alumni Association also organizes more casual events, called TISOH Dineouts. These are dining get-togethers where we try out new and interesting restaurants in Las Vegas as a group. Dineouts are held occasionally and RSVP is required. Admission includes a full dinner.

Additionally, the Alumni Association organizes the TISOH CARES events, community outreach and charity activities such as walks and volunteer efforts. Usually held once a semester, the focus of these events is community engagement. At TISOH, we believe strongly in being a good neighbor and contributing positively to our wonderful Las Vegas community. 

Our popular TISOH Hangouts are casual happy hour get-togethers at favorite local venues. Hangouts are held several times a semester, there is no RSVP required and no fee for admission. The TISOH Hangouts are open to all, just show up and enjoy a good time mingling with current students, alumni, and industry guests. 

The next TISOH Hangout is happening soon! Join TISOH for a TISOH Hangout Social on Friday, February 21 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Mix and mingle with alums at Bottiglia, inside the Green Valley Ranch Resort. Located at 2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy. in Henderson, Nevada, this event is open to everyone, no RSVP required. Check out the event page on Facebook for full details. 

One of the best things about being a TISOH graduate is the network of talented peers and industry contacts available to you. Benefit from everything your TISOH community has to offer by engaging with the TISOH Alumni Association. Create, collaborate, and innovate with others in the industry through networking and alumni events. Contact the TISOH Alumni Association Chair at to learn more!