Choose TISOH For A Truly Unique Experience

Are you ready to try something new? Have you ever thought about a career as an event planner or a wedding coordinator? If you are tired of working at your same-old job, and are ready to pursue your passions, consider coming to TISOH! TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a truly unique school offering students an exceptionally unique experience. 

TISOH is an accredited school, and is a nationally-recognized leader in hospitality training and education. With deep industry ties and affiliations with some of the hospitality world’s most important and influential organizations, TISOH is at the forefront of all things hospitality. If a career in hotel operations, wedding coordination and design, event planning and production, or meetings and event catering appeals to you, then choose TISOH. 


What Makes TISOH Such a Unique Experience? 

★ Become Immersed in the World of Hospitality

TISOH is located in one of the greatest, most beloved hospitality capitals of the world! Right in the heart of Las Vegas, just moments from the famous Las Vegas Strip, TISOH is in the center of it all. Throughout your time at TISOH, you will be surrounded by innovation and inspiration. When you step onto the modern, state-of-the-industry TISOH campus you will feel the dynamic atmosphere. The energy and the enthusiasm are palpable. Experience the TISOH Design Lab, a working laboratory designed to allow students to touch, feel and experience how spaces can be transformed into event venues that delight and mesmerize. At TISOH, you will not only be taught about hospitality, you will live and breathe it each day. 

★ Benefit from the Perks 

Join the TISOH family and the hospitality world will be at your fingertips. TISOH students benefit from professional faculty with true experience and depth of knowledge. State-of-the-art classrooms offer the latest, most effective teaching technologies. Guest speakers - innovators and leaders in the industry who take the time to give back by speaking with and mentoring our students - provide invaluable lessons and insights. Externships immerse you into what life in the world of hospitality actually looks like – from behind-the-scenes preparations to one-on-one encounters with customers and clients. At the end of the day, take a break in our Student Lounge, where students connect, collaborate, innovate, and recharge. 

★ Be a Part of a Very Special Family

At TISOH, you will be welcomed with open arms. Our dedicated faculty and administrative staff provide TISOH students with individualized support through every step of their educational journey. We welcome all - those new to the industry, and those with existing experience. No matter your background, where you come from, or what experience you do or do not have, you will find your home at TISOH. Hospitality is what we do, and there is a reason our school’s symbol is the pineapple, the traditional symbol of welcome, friendship, conviviality, and hospitality. At TISOH, we live within this spirit of hospitality, quality service and professionalism. As a TISOH student, you will be a part of this very special family. 


Ready to see for yourself just what makes TISOH so unique? Schedule a tour and come see how TISOH is unlike any school you have ever imagined. 


With experienced, dedicated faculty, cutting-edge instruction, and world-class industry affiliations, TISOH is a school like no other. If you are looking to enter into or advance within the hospitality industry, look no further than TISOH. At TISOH, you can  surround yourself with passionate, creative, energetic individuals like you, talented up-and-comers with the desire to deliver the quality service and professionalism TISOH is known for. Ready to learn more? Contact us today!