Event Planning as a Career

Event planning is an in-demand career that appeals to a lot of individuals with varying skillsets. Those who pride themselves as creative types are naturally drawn to it. As are those who are organized, those who enjoy the business aspect, and particularly those who enjoy working with people. The satisfaction is immense. Seeing a creation come alive in short order, seeing people enjoy themselves, be wowed or just happy that everything goes smoothly. TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, is a unique school dedicated to training students for event planning career.

What is Event Planning? Event planning is a person who organizes events. Events are anything that involve a gathering of people, whether it be big or small. If it has an educational component however, it becomes a meeting or a conference.

Events can be an intimate dinner party, a gala dinner for 1,000 guests, a golf outing, a concert, a festival, a grand opening or many others.

Who Hires Event Planners? Most hospitality venues have their own planners. These include hotels, resorts, conference centers, restaurants, country clubs, banquet halls, casinos, cruise lines, museums, universities, theme parks and others. Larger associations and companies also have their own in-house planners. These range from pharmaceutical companies, trade associations, convention & visitor bureaus, nonprofit organizations, public relation firms, chambers of commerce, automotive, banking/finance and others. There are also many independent event planners who are hired by companies to plan their events. Most cities have many destination management companies (DMC). These companies take care of all the logistics of events.

Outside of the employers above, there are virtually limitless companies that provide services and are part of the events industry. These include caterers, transportation, décor, floral, furniture, rentals, photography, videography, amusement rentals, staffing, lighting, audio/visual, linen and much more.

How Does One Get Started?

Most common way is through a connection. Knowing someone, networking is always important. Another way is to earn a certificate. Education allows one to learn the basics of a field, meet people and very importantly to have something on the resume. An education, such as from the International School of Hospitality (TISOH), shows initiative and commitment. Learn more today! Visit http://tisoh.edu/news/blog/ and check out TISOH's event planning and diploma programs.