Hospitality Skills as a Foundation- Hospitality Management

Management.  Check.  Leadership.  Check.  Marketing and Sales.  Yes.  Human Resources.  What?  When was the last time you found your dream job posted on LinkedIn only to find that the required skills do not all fall within your wheelhouse?  Then it is usually followed by an incredulous thought of “how can they expect one person to do all that!”  Well, they can, and they do.  But it is not impossible. Sure, you have your strengths and possibly years of experience but how well-rounded are you really?


Hospitality management is one of the most diverse backgrounds that can provide critical skills for a seamless transition into a myriad of other careers.  Let us look at how some of these skills transfer to other careers.


Hospitality core competencies include people management, revenue management, maintaining service quality, and budgeting/allocating resources.  These are all valuable skills not just applicable to hospitality management.  Hospitality itself is very broad, with positions in hotel, cruises, clubs, attractions, catering, food & beverage, meetings and events, tradeshows, casino, entertainment, merchandising and so much more. Think about all the other related industries such as highly in demand assisted living residential communities, hospitals, property management, retail and more. In fact, in all corporation, managers and above need these skills as they have to manage staff, meet goals, allocate resources efficiently and so on.  


Let us take a closer look at healthcare. Those looking to work in the healthcare industry need to bring with them a skill set common in the hospitality industry: emotional intelligence.  A 2008 study in the Journal of Human Resources and Hospitality and Tourism found that personality types with higher levels of emotional intelligence are more likely to be employed in the service industry.  Self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management are all traits of emotional intelligence. A patient’s experience at a hospital is not solely based on their doctor, but an entire hospital team of nurses, medical assistants, therapists, transport personnel, food service staff, and technicians.  A hospitality professional moving into the myriad of healthcare management opportunities will carry not just the core competencies discussed earlier in this article, but emotional intelligence as well to create a meaningful experience.


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