Hospitality Skills as a Foundation- Hotel Operations and Guest Services

Works well under pressure. Strong sense of team. Outgoing and friendly personality.  Ability to multi-task while paying special attention to detail.  Strong sales ability.  And above all, genuine care of other’s needs.  These are all job requirements that one would find in a hotel operations and guest services position, right?  Guess again. This was written for a Guest Services Representative position at a friendly neighborhood bakery that specializes in wedding cakes.

The more you dig into the foundations of hotel operations and guest service professionals, the more you will see a multitude of skills that are highly regarded, if not essential, in other service industries.   Because a guest service professional will spend most of their day in front of clients, it is important for them to have great communication and listening skills.  Front of the house means you can also work in Front of the business because you are trained to represent your brand, sell your brand, and gain a customer’s confidence in your brand.

Let us look at another service industry that would benefit from a hospitality foundation: healthcare.  Hotel operations or guest services professionals may consider positions such as medical office assistant, front desk specialist, or front office representative to name a few.  The key to providing great customer service is a healthcare staff that focuses on the client’s needs.  Whether it’s the initial greeting and creating a seamless check-in, data-collection, managing client’s expectations about wait time, or post-visit follow-up calls, a guest service professional knows how to make it personal, and how to be empathetic to a patient’s needs.

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