Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations

About the Program

You have experience in the industry, and you are ready to take your career to the next level. The Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations (EDHO) is designed for students who have at least two years supervisory experience in the Hospitality industry. We’ll help you advance your existing skills and provide the expert knowledge you need to pursue higher-level positions in the industry.

What you’ll learn

Designed to enhance the professional skills you have gained so far from your experience in the industry, the EDHO focuses on developing high-level managerial skills.  Master hospitality leadership, human capital management and data-driven decision making. Utilize marketing and sales fundamentals to build your skills in hospitality industry analytics and master the strategic mind-set necessary for today’s competitive hospitality market.

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for TISOH. The relationships that you continue to grow within the hospitality are worth more than any textbook could ever offer.Brit Bertino
CEO Simply Weddings

What you’ll get

Gain the knowledge and skills to execute excellence in hospitality management and pursue a successful career as a leader in the industry. Benefit from the opportunity to build an incredible network of mentors and contacts in the field. An Executive Diploma shows your commitment and high-level of training. Graduate with an Executive Diploma from an industry-respected, accredited school.

All EDHO students receive exclusive access to CAREERsuite, a comprehensive range of career services.


You'll take all of these

Get equipped for success and get hired or promoted.

Develop your understanding of fundamental HR principles and applications specific to the hospitality industry. Gain a working understanding of human resources management and its vital role in the hospitality industry. Designed both for students pursuing careers in hospitality human resource management, and for those who would like to broaden their knowledge of HR to augment career growth and professionalism.

TISOH students can take this course on its own to obtain the Hospitality Human Resources [HHR] Certificate.

Learn how to relate supervisory responsibilities to the mission of the greater organization. Develop your problem-solving skills and learn to set individual goals congruent to those of the organization. Master the ability to delegate to team members to improve organizational effectiveness.

TISOH students can take this course on its own to obtain the Hospitality Leadership and Management [HLM] Certificate.

A broad primer in hospitality marketing and sales, learn about methods for price, product, promotion and price across rooms division, food & beverage, and conferences. Gain applicable skills and essential knowledge in distribution, revenue management, customer relationship management, market segmentation and trends.

TISOH students can take this course on its own to obtain the Hospitality Marketing and Sales [HMS] Certificate.

Learn the mathematics and methods of analysis needed for  data-driven decision making. Master the decision-making analysis that drives important day-to-day and strategic processes in the hospitality industry. Learn to produce, interpret and act upon data developed through STR reports and the most commonly used metrics in the industry in order to maximize financial performance for your organization.

TISOH students can take this course on its own to obtain the Hospitality Revenue Management and Analytics [HRMA] Certificate.

Bring all the key topics discussed in your EDHO program together through case studies and discussions. Using a management perspective, examine and develop solutions based on best industry practices you’ve learned.