Hospitality Human Resources

Hospitality Human Resources (HHR) Certificate

Every organization’s greatest asset is the people who work there. Learn how to manage human capital, using both industry-standard and innovative techniques. Learn how to help employees grow to their fullest potential. Learn what it takes to be a Hospitality HR pro.

What you’ll get

A certificate in HHR from TISOH shows you have the knowledge and skills to positively impact employees and bring out the best in an organization. Master skills in interviewing, hiring, and employee development. Get informed on equal employment opportunity, diversity, and social responsibility. Learn how to be the HR pro that can ensure harmony and mediate difficult issues, all while deftly orchestrating the company’s HR department.

I am so glad I went to TISOH, where I met exceptionally talented and informative people, some of whom became mentors, friends, bosses, remarkable industry leaders, and colleagues.

Sage McRae
Fairmont San Francisco

Key Program Topics

Topics covered include:

  • Change management and organizational development
  • Job designs
  • Effective interviews and hiring
  • Staffing and recruitment
  • Employee development and training
  • Orientation, socialization and promoting teamwork
  • Compensation and benefits administration
  • Handling layoffs and mergers
  • Turnover, discipline, and exits
  • Negotiation, labor unions, and collective bargaining
  • Health, safety, and a safe and secure workplace
  • Regulations, equal employment opportunity, and ADA
  • Diversity and social responsibility

Interested in a diploma?

TISOH offers a Diploma in Hospitality Operations, Hotel Operations and Concierge career track

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