Hospitality Revenue Management and Analytics

Hospitality Revenue Management and Analytics (HRMA) Certificate

Today’s business world is data-driven. Get an essential introduction to reading, interpreting, and making decisions based on the data produced daily in hotel properties. Learn how to read hotel data, and how to use it to make decisions critical to your organization’s success. Learn what it takes to be revenue management pro.

What you’ll get

Examine case studies in revenue management and learn how to read and use real STR reports. Understand dominant metric categories and forecasting, demand, distribution, and strategic pricing practices. A HRMA certificate from TISOH shows you’ve mastered the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today’s data-driven climate.

TISOH offers a real everyday picture of the industry that is so valuable beyond a textbook.

Jennifer Pierce

Key Program Topics

  • Overview of the revenue manager’s duties and responsibilities in a hotel property
  • Marketing strategies for revenue
  • Internal and external metrics
  • Rate management
  • Pricing
  • Distribution channel management

Interested in a diploma?

TISOH offers a Diploma in Hospitality Operations, Hotel Operations and Concierge career path

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