Hotel Operations

Hotel Operations Certificate (HOC)

Successful hotel managers know how each department works, and can work them all. This course takes a broad approach to teaching hospitality operations, covering everything from front desk and housekeeping operations, to management and guest service, so you can become a hotel operations pro.

Why you should take HOC

Develop a sophisticated understanding of how guest-facing and behind-the-scenes operations work individually, and together, to create satisfying guest experiences. Learn how to work the front desk, revise housekeeping staff plans, and consult with HR and Food and Beverage, all before lunch. An HOC certificate from TISOH shows you have the knowledge and skills needed to be a master multi-tasker, and an essential asset to your organization.

Not many students can say they are taught by professionals who currently work in the industry. It’s an amazing school and opens many doors, insight, and connections into the hospitality world!

Andrea Chandler

Key program topics

Topics covered include:

  • Lodging operations and terminology
  • Job titles and duties
  • Principles of supervision
  • Coaching, counseling, and disciplining
  • Communication channels
  • Organizational structure
  • Reservations, rate variance and occupancy
  • Revenue management
  • Quality guest service
  • Front desk functions
  • Housekeeping operations

Interested in a diploma?

TISOH offers a Diploma in Hospitality Operations, Hotel Operations and Concierge career path

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