From casinos to high-end resorts, and a wide variety of entertainment venues, Las Vegas is full of hospitality in action. The TISOH externship program allows students to supplement their education by actually going out into the field and not only witnessing, but actually working alongside the professionals as they plan gala events, perform personalized guest services, run some of the finest hotels in the world, and organize lavish weddings. Each of these externships offers students a firsthand glimpse into what life in the world of hospitality actually looks like – from behind-the-scenes preparations to one on one encounters with customers and clients.

Externships vs Internships

An externship is both similar to and different than an internship in many respects. Externships are learning experiences where the student is meant to observe an industry professional, rather than complete work of their own. Externships place a higher emphasis on learning, and networking, whereas internships tend to put more emphasis on actively using the skills learned in class in the workplace. As externships tend to be shorter, students have the opportunity to gain experience with a variety of companies and careers. This allows students to gain a clearer idea of what areas, jobs, companies, or venues they are most passionate about working with.

Externships are unpaid and meant to give the student a short burst of experience in a particular field of study. They are often similar to job shadowing in that students work closely with industry professionals as they go about their daily work. This type of environment lets students gain a better understanding of the tasks faced by industry professionals on a daily basis. Externships also create the perfect setting for students to ask questions regarding certain aspects of the industry as a whole, and job specific duties.

Like internships, externships also allow students to create contacts that will become vital to their career development and possibly even gain a mentor who can help to guide them as they enter the world of professional hospitality. In order to finalize the Diploma in Hospitality Operations, students are required to successfully complete an externship. This allows students to gain invaluable on-the-job training to complement their TISOH classwork, helping them to see how everything they have learned in the classroom applies to an actual hospitality setting.

Add the Hospitality Externship (HEX) Course today

The Hospitality Externship (HEX) Add-on Course provides a curated 45 hours of externship experiences either in Las Vegas or another city. To be eligible, students must either be enrolled or have completed the following programs (classroom or online):

Diploma in Hospitality Operations (DHO) or
Hotel Operations Certificate (HOC) or
Art of Concierge Certificate (AOC) or
Conference Management & Event Planning Certificate (CMEP) or
Wedding Coordination & Design Certificate (WCD

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The Value of Real Life Experience

As with every aspect of a TISOH education, the internship/externship experience is aimed at preparing the student to stand out after completion of the program and when initially entering the job market. In some sense it provides students with a head start on their career, allowing excellent opportunities to network and work with industry professionals. When a student walks away from an externship, he or she does so with a greater knowledge of what lies before them and a greater confidence in their own ability to meet any future challenges.