Right Now is Your Time!

Train for your new career with TISOH

Are you tired of the inertia of the past year? Are you ready to move forward, towards a better future? If you are ready to take the next step, right now is your time! It is a great time to invest in yourself and your training, so you can be ready to pursue the next step in your career. The hospitality field experienced a lengthy setback, but is now poised to make a dramatic rebound, and newcomers are in a great position to capitalize. You don’t want to miss out on this window of opportunity! Offering both in-person classes as well as online-only programs, TISOH, the International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializes in training motivated individuals just like you for exciting careers in the hospitality industry. Read on to learn about TISOH, our diploma and certificate programs, and how you can take the next step towards making your career dreams a reality. Right now is your time!


At TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, we offer the training programs our students desire for the careers they aspire to. We are an industry leader, offering accreditation you can trust, industry partners and affiliations you can connect with, an alumni network you can turn to, and extensive career services to propel your career forward. With TISOH, you gain access to a curriculum that has been developed by industry professionals, and personalized instruction from faculty who are leaders in their fields. TISOH students benefit not only from the breadth of experience their instructors provide, but also from guest speakers who offer exciting and informative presentations that enhance the student’s understanding of industry workings. With TISOH, you will not only have access to world-class faculty, you will also gain access to a network of international industry professionals with whom you can connect, collaborate, and create opportunities. TISOH opens the door and shows you the way; with training from TISOH, you will be poised to take the next step towards your future. 


With TISOH, you have a multitude of options for forging your path. Are you looking to enhance a specific skill set? Our certificate programs are focused and comprehensive, and offer specific industry training perfect for newcomers to the field or those already in the industry looking to hone particular skills. Certificate programs include:

Meeting and Events Catering 

Art of Food and Beverage

Wedding Coordination and Design

Conference Management and Event Planning

Exhibition and Tradeshow Management

Event Design and Production

Hotel Operations

Professional Presence in Hospitality

Art of Concierge

Hospitality Marketing and Sales

Hospitality Leadership and Management

Hospitality Human Resources

Hospitality Revenue Management and Analytics


Are you interested in a diploma program that offers core skills training, integrated with career professionalism and extensive management training? Go beyond the basics of hospitality with TISOH’s Diploma in Hospitality Operations (DHO). Consisting of five required courses and two electives, the DHO program provides professional instruction and industry externships that offer first-hand experience. Customize your path in the industry through your choice of two elective courses; choose between Conference Management and Event Planning, Hotel Operations, and Wedding Coordination and Design; and then choose again between Art of Concierge, Event Design and Production, and Meeting and Event Catering. The DHO program is perfect for newcomers to the field of hospitality; individuals like you who are motivated, passionate, and eager to pursue their passion. Invest in your training with a DHO from TISOH, and you will be in the perfect position when the hiring surge begins. 


The hospitality industry is projected to rebound strongly in the Fall of 2021, and you want to be ready! Many established hospitality workers have transitioned to different careers, and the field is wide open to newcomers, with their fresh ideas, energy, and eagerness. Hospitality companies, hotels, and resorts, will be looking to replenish their ranks by hiring fresh talent - and they want to hire motivated individuals just like you! With a TISOH credential, you demonstrate to employers your level of skill, knowledge, and dedication. With TISOH by your side, you are poised and ready to make a strong entrance into the hospitality field. 


With TISOH, you have access to an international network of hospitality professionals, an extensive alumni network, and a career services department that offers comprehensive assistance and career placement assistance. TISOH is a unique school, where you will be supported every step of the way; from the time you enroll, to long after you graduate. If you are ready to take the next step towards beginning or advancing your hospitality career, right now is the right time! TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, is here to help you make it happen. Gain the skills, knowledge, and practical experience you need to be a true industry professional. Give us a call at 702-947-7200 today to find out how you can make your career goals a reality with TISOH - don’t wait any longer, right now is your time!