Sales & Marketing Fundamentals for Success in Any Field

You may not be aware of this, but no matter what field you work in, you will need to know the basics of sales and marketing. Just a housekeeper? Think again. You are the front line to a product that has direct and personal contact with guests. Just a guest service representative? Not true. You are often the only face of the company that the client ever sees. In the client’s eyes, you ARE the company. Take ownership of the basics of sales and marketing, and you might be amazed at the opportunities that begin to unfold.

To begin, here are five basic principles to guide you. If you can master these principles, you will find they are highly desirable, and are transferable to any field you choose to pursue.  

  1. Consumers only buy products and services that benefit them.  ‘That benefit them’ is the key phrase here, and never assume what that ‘benefit’ might be. Not everyone is looking for the best value. Maybe they are looking for status symbols to feed their egos and impress their friends. Maybe they will prefer the opportunity to contribute to a company that supports environmentally-friendly programs. To succeed at this, you will need to know your client well and how your product is beneficial to them. If there is no benefit, there is no repeat business, and possibly even a demand for a refund.  
  2. The greater the value, the greater the price tag.  Everyone loves a great bargain. The thrill of the hunt can even be exhilarating. However, how thrilled are you if you find a great deal on a piece of junk? Maybe you would rather save your money for the real thing instead of buying that Italian knock-off handbag with the rubber smell. It is basic human nature to like ‘expensive things’. In marketing, we call this the Placebo Effect. If we pay more for something, our brains will trick us into thinking that a really expensive bottle of wine is exquisite. And if the waiter does not mention he served you the house wine by mistake, you might not even know the difference.  
  3. Credibility relies on two things: trust and expertise. You are only as good as your word and, well, how well you know your word.  This should be fairly self-explanatory. Watch that you do not overpromise and be sure to take the time to continuously learn about your industry, product, or craft. People will pay attention to your brand, which is actually just you. You are your own brand and before you know it, people will look to you for your input and follow your lead.
  4. You are your greatest asset.  This falls along the same lines as trust and expertise but takes it another step further. Now that you have their trust, give them your time and attention. Being fully engaged and sincere with your client will positively reinforce the trust they already have in you. 
  5. This will always be a give and give relationship.  This will never be a give and take relationship. You will not just give them a service and then take their money.  The money is actually a contractual obligation.  Your business obligation is that you continuously find ways to give value and meaning to your clients.  

Follow these five basic Sales and Marketing principles and you will find that they can be applied in any industry you find yourself.  


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