Show the World What You’ve Learned, With Digital Badges

You’ve earned your diploma… now what? You hang it on your wall and admire your achievement. But how do you let the rest of the world know what you have accomplished? How do you take that piece of paper and make it shout to the world - “Here’s what I’ve done and here’s what I can do for your company!” How do you show what you’ve accomplished on your resume, and more importantly, on your LinkedIn?

Enter digital badges. Digital badges are the visual proof that communicates your hard-earned competencies. Digital badges are a record of the skills you’ve developed, a record of your achievements and areas where you excel. They provide a visual portfolio of all the different skills you’ve gained, all explained in employer-friendly language. This gives your potential employer a better picture of who you are as a person and the unique skills you can bring to the table. And this can help get you hired!

Digital badges are great because they visually capture what you know and what you have achieved, and can be easily shared and understood. Through your digital badges, you can showcase your skills, knowledge, experience, and credentials, allowing you to promote yourself as a distinguished professional to others, including employers looking for their next hire. Digital badges allow anyone (i.e. employers/recruiters) to quickly see and confirm an earned credential can do exactly what they say they can do. This allows potential employers to verify your credentials, regardless of where or when they were earned, which is not the case with a traditional, printed certificate.

Your digital badges can be easily shared through various social media platforms and can also be added directly to your own personal website, blog, or digital resume. Badges are built to be easily shareable and compatible with all of the major platforms searched by employers and educators, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Once you’ve earned your badge(s), you’re free to display it online any way you wish. Through your digital badges, you can showcase yourself as a professional, demonstrating your knowledge and skills to potential employers and helping you stand out from the crowd. 

How do you earn these awesome visual credentials? At TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, you will earn a digital badge for every certificate or diploma program you complete! TISOH is designed for individuals who are entering or looking to advance within the hospitality industry, and courses, either online or in-person at our Las Vegas campus, can be completed in a matter of months. With TISOH’s certificate courses and diploma programs, you can gain or enhance your skills and knowledge base, and you’ll have a digital badge to show for it!!
If you are a working professional, TISOH offers CLIMB, a digital library of accredited, single-topic, online hospitality courses. With CLIMB, each class is designed to be completed in just 60 minutes! Enroll in a skill series (5 classes), or core series (10 classes), and upon completion of the series you will receive a Record of Accomplishment and Credly digital badge. With TISOH’s CLIMB series, you can quickly earn accredited credentials, and have a digital badge to show for your efforts.

Whether earned through TISOH’s traditional classes or through our revolutionary CLIMB class series, digital badges are stackable, so the more certificate courses or CLIMB series you complete, the more badges you earn. Your digital badges are your record of achievements, and you can proudly and easily share them online, on social media, and with potential employers everywhere! Never before has there been such an easy way to visually and verifiably display your accomplishments. With digital badges, you can show the world exactly what you’ve learned and achieved, and precisely how you will be an asset to any organization. Call TISOH at (702) 947-7200 to find out how you can get started today!