M-1 Visa Application Guide

About this guide

Thank you for considering The International School of Hospitality for your hospitality education. Our renowned programs can get you on the fast track to enter the industry or provide you with the proper credentials for advancement.

The following instructions are specific to foreign students interested in the Diploma in Hospitality Operations (DHO) program. This program is considered a "full load", at 18 or more hours each week. Therefore an M-1 Visa is required for foreign students to participate.

Before you begin the visa process, you will need to submit an application for admission and be accepted.

Please read the following information carefully. It will guide you in your application process for admission to The International School of Hospitality (TISOH). Incomplete information, missing requirements/documents will cause you considerable delay in being admitted. All documents must be submitted in English.

Steps to apply to TISOH

1 Gather the following documents

  • Fill out an application form and submit it with the $150 application fee, payable by credit card or cashiers check.
    International Student Application Form (PDF)
  • To pay by credit card, please use the following form
    Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF)
  • Transcript or a copy of high school diploma or above*
  • Proof of English proficiency, if available **
  • A legible copy of your passport identification page
  • A recent financial support document (issued within 120 days before application) indicating that a minimum amount of $5000 per month of study is available to you for pursuing your study at TISOH. Send copies as you will need the originals to apply for your visa.***
  • Foreign nationals who apply while physically in the United States (visitors and transfer students from U.S. schools) must also supply valid immigration documents.****

2 Mail the above materials as a single package to the following address

The International School of Hospitality
3614 E Sunset Road, Ste 110
Las Vegas, NV 89120

3Await confirmation of your acceptance

Upon confirmation of acceptance from TISOH, you will receive an I-20 form unless you have another visa status that allows you to study full-time in the United States. You need to have the I-20 to apply for a student visa.

4 Pay the “SEVIS FEE” using form I-901. *****

  • You can pay the fee or get more information at: http://www.fmjfee.com
  • You need to bring the receipt of payment to your visa interview.

5 Make an appointment with your US Consulate/Embassy for visa application.******


All necessary documents and fees must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the start date of the program. Tuition and fees must be paid in full to reserve your space.

All international students are required to obtain a health insurance policy through the school unless they have a valid plan already in force. Proof must be supplied to the school to be waived. School insurance cost $35 per week.

Guardians for students under 18

TISOH recommends that students under the age of 18 have a guardian living in the U.S. In the event of personal emergency, accident, illness, or incarceration, the State of Nevada will require the signature of a guardian before assistance such as operations and legal counsel can be offered. The school is not permitted to act in place of the parent or guardian.

Confirmation of admission

Your admission to TISOH will be confirmed when you receive an official letter of admission with your I-20 documentation.


High School and/or college or university transcripts must be submitted in English in order to verify successful completion of U.S. equivalent academic program. The transcript must include the date of graduation. A copy of your high school or higher diploma is acceptable also.

**Proof of English proficiency:

TOEFL score of 500 or a university-level English course taken at a U.S., Canada, U.K. or Australian university/college recommended but not required.

***Proof of financial support:

Proof of financial support or financial solvency is required. Strict Immigration Regulations severely restrict the employment of foreign nationals residing in the United States. Therefore, you must have adequate finances to support yourself while you are a student. These funds may come from a variety of sources, including your own savings, a sponsor’s savings (parent, spouse, friend), or loans. Please submit any ONE of the following items:

You can provide a letter of certification from your bank that meets all of the following criteria:

  • It is written in English on bank letterhead.
  • It is showing a minimum of 5,000 dollars (U.S.) per month of study. This is the amount necessary to cover tuition and living expenses for the period. The funds are stated in U.S. dollars. We cannot accept statements that do not have specific balances unless it is stated to be a minimum of six figures in U.S. dollars.
  • It is dated within 120 days of the program start date.
  • It is signed by a bank official.
  • It states assets, not income.
  • Every person named on the bank account (other than the student) must provide a letter of
  • support stating that the funds in the account can be used to pay your tuition plus living
  • expenses.

If your parents or someone else will support (sponsor) you, then you must submit a letter from that person that clearly states that your expenses will be taken care of.

  • It is dated within 120 days of the program start date.
  • It is written in English.
  • It states the sponsor’s relationship to the student.
  • It states specific bank account(s) to be used for support (identified by account number
  • and name of bank).
  • It states that the funds in that account are to be used for tuition and sup-port.
  • It is signed by the sponsor.
  • A notarized I-134 form to be completed by your financial guarantor, if your guarantor is a US citizen or resident.
    I-134 (PDF)

If you receive government financial aid or will take a student loan from your home country, you must submit an original document verifying those funds. Please be aware that TISOH does not offer financial assistance to international students.

****Immigration documents:

If you are physically in the United States when you apply for admission to TISOH, you must comply with this requirement.

Physically in the United States means that you are visiting or you are transferring to TISOH from another school in the U.S (you can only transfer between M-visa schools offer programs in the same field).

You must submit the following documents:
1) A copy of the U.S. visa page.
2) A copy of your I-94 (departure record).
3) Copies of all previous I-20 forms (transfer students only) issued by other schools.
4) Transfer Form (transfer students only) indicating your SEVIS release date.
5) Official transcripts (transfer students only) for all U.S. colleges and universities attended.

*****SEVIS Fee:

Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) is the Internet system that maintains information on non-immigrant students, exchange visitors, and their dependents. The fee-supported system enables schools and program sponsors to transmit information to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Department of State (DOS) throughout a student or exchange visitor’s stay in the United States. This information includes status changes such as admission at Port of Entry, change of address, change in program of study, and other details.

Once you have received your Form I-20, the USCIS requires that you pay the SEVIS fee before applying for a student visa. If you are already in the U.S. and are applying to change your status, you must pay this fee prior to submitting your change of status application.

The easiest way to pay the SEVIS fee is at www.fmjfee.com. You will be given the option to pay by credit/debit card, check, or money order drawn on a financial institution in the United States and payable in U.S. currency. A receipt will be provided when you pay online. Be sure to print it—you will need it for your visa interview. A receipt will also be mailed to you, but you may not receive it before your visa appointment.