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Instructor Spotlight: Brenda Geler


At TISOH, the International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are proud to have a faculty of skilled, innovative industry professionals. Our instructors are leaders in their respective industries, and offer our students valuable insight and experience that takes them beyond the traditional classroom experience. Come to TISOH, and you will benefit from dedicated and passionate industry-professional instructors who offer an immersive experience and insights into the true world of hospitality. 

Brenda Geler

Brenda Geler, an instructor of Wedding Coordination and Design and Hospitality Marketing and Sales, is one of TISOH’s star instructors. Brenda is a TISOH alum, and has returned to TISOH in recent years to join the ranks of esteemed TISOH faculty. Brenda is a true industry professional, offering her students insight into an industry she herself is deeply immersed within. Not only is Brenda a Board member of the Las Vegas Chapter of the Wedding International Professional Association (WIPA), Brenda is the Founder and Director of her own company, Casa Blanca Studio. Casa Blanca provides wedding planning and event design and styling services in the Las Vegas-area, creating custom, curated events of every variety. 

As an instructor at TISOH, Brenda offers her students exciting and interactive classes. Brenda brings in different insights and highlights top trends in the Wedding Coordination and Design and Hospitality Marketing and Sales classes she teaches. Last spring, Brenda took the Hospitality Marketing and Sales class off campus for a site visit to the English Hotel. The students enjoyed visiting the new, trendy property, and appreciated the opportunity to see for themselves how some of the trends and theories they had been discussing came to life in a real-world environment.   

This semester, Brenda has made hands-on skills training an integral component of the Wedding Coordination and Design class. To illustrate her lessons, Brenda brought in tablescape materials, styling four different table settings with candles, chargers, invitations, and tablecloths. Brenda also brought in different draping materials, setting up pipe and drape poles as well as chandeliers. Students benefited from being able to see and touch her examples, and received the opportunity to practice both tablescapes and draping themselves. 

International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, NevadaInternational School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada

Students in Brenda’s classes also benefit from her wide range of affiliations and connections. Brenda highlights the importance of networking with peers and other professionals, and even introduces her students to industry insiders. In Brenda’s classes, she has frequently hosted guest speakers who connect with students about important topics such as networking. Recently, Brenda brought in a well-known DJ, DJ Mo, to speak to students about the importance of industry connections. 

As an instructor, Brenda is always prepared. For each class, Brenda comes equipped with PowerPoint presentations featuring relevant videos and photos. If ever there is something that could be helpful for the students that’s outside of the material reviewed, she makes sure her students get those materials to help them with their assignments. Brenda consistently goes above and beyond to provide thorough instruction, tangible examples, and to support her students. TISOH is so lucky to have this passionate and dedicated member of our faculty!

If you are interested in Event Design and Production, Wedding Coordination and Design, or Hospitality Sales and Marketing, come to TISOH for your training. At TISOH, our programs are taught by cutting-edge instructors who are professionals in their field. Brenda Geler is a true star in the world of event planning, design, and coordination, and her students benefit from her hands-on instruction and depth of expertise. Come see what a difference a truly dedicated, experienced faculty can make in your training. Come see what TISOH, the International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada, can offer you!