TISOH Offers You More!

Choose between Online and In-Person Learning Formats

If you’re exploring your options for career training in the time of COVID, know that you have options. For many students, learning requires something more than just content delivery. You want a curriculum that excites and instructors who inspire. You want a community of peers to share, support, and experience it together. You want interaction, stimulation, and collaboration! Welcome to TISOH, the International School of Hospitality! In an online world that can feel both distant and disconnected, TISOH stands above the rest. TISOH offers you the best options to reach your career goals, with your choice of in-person and online learning formats to choose from.

Whether you choose in-person learning at our Las Vegas campus, or the more time-flexible, learn-from-anywhere option of online, TISOH can offer you more. TISOH offers options for both online learning and in-person instruction, for a student experience that stands out above the rest. Here’s how:

Learning Formats That Work For You

At TISOH, we understand that different students have different needs, including how you learn - whether it be in an online setting or in the classroom. While some students are eager to get back to the classroom experience, others want to continue with distance learning, either because they enjoy the flexibility, or because they are not physically in Las Vegas or have concerns related to COVID, health, and safety. TISOH is pleased to be able to accommodate both, and we offer two distinct learning formats for our students, so you can choose what works for you. 

  1. 100% Online-Only: With our traditional fully-online format, there are no scheduled class sessions, so students can study when and where it suits them. All lectures and materials can be accessed 24/7 via TISOH’s Brightspace platform. Students who choose the online-only format enjoy access to all the resources TISOH offers, and online students experience close personalized instruction from their professional instructor as well as the support and community of an online cohort of peers.

→ Choose this option if you are looking for maximum flexibility, or if you are not physically in Las Vegas, or if you have COVID- or health and safety-related concerns about attending classes in-person. 

  1. In-Person Classroom Learning: By following a safety-first approach, we are pleased to again welcome students to campus beginning in May 2021 for in-person classroom instruction. We are following all local, state, and federal safety and health guidelines to ensure safety for our students, faculty, and staff. We have increased sanitation and cleaning protocols, and all classes will be scheduled to accommodate physical distancing in the classroom by limiting the number of students. While on campus, masks and social distancing are required, and we ask that you do not come to campus if you aren’t feeling well or if you may have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19.

→ Choose this option if you are looking for a traditional classroom experience, and you can commit to being physically in Las Vegas for the duration of the semester. 

Virtual Resources to Connect with your Community

At TISOH, we believe our strength and our success are rooted in our connections, and so we have worked hard to invest in our virtual resources so that we can keep our community connected. Our goal is to offer the best student experience possible, regardless of whether you are on-campus or online. We have developed the brand new TISOHnow.com website to be a virtual home for our students, and we invite all current students to come to this one-stop-shop to find a number of ways to connect with the TISOH community, including:

 If you are looking for more than the distant-disconnect of an online-only experience, come see what TISOH has to offer you. TISOH is a unique school, and we are dedicated to training the best and brightest in the hospitality industry, even during these difficult times. We have innovated and evolved with the changing times in order to create the most immersive, truly experiential distance learning experience possible for students who wish to study online. Beginning in May 2021, we will again be offering our traditional classroom experience on campus. Call us at 702-374-0184 or visit our website at https://tisoh.edu to learn how you can get started. With learning formats that work for you and a student experience that stands apart from the rest, TISOH offers you more. Contact us today!