TISOH Offers You What You Need!

Find Your Career Success, with TISOH

Do you want to learn skills that will prepare you for a career that is exciting and that you can feel passionate about? Do you want to gain an education and training that prepares you for the competitive job market? Do you want to earn a credential that demonstrates to potential employers just how prepared and knowledgeable you are? At TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, we offer our students all of this and more! TISOH offers you exactly what you need to find your career success - so you can stand out in a crowded job market.

At TISOH, we offer skills-based training that goes way beyond the traditional academic program; training that is designed to prepare you for an actual career you can enjoy and be proud of. Whether you pursue a career in hospitality, or another field, you’ll be well prepared thanks to the important skills you learned TISOH’s programs - such as planning, preparation, organization, management, problem-solving, flexibility, and innovation. TISOH’s programs also teach critical workplace education, including marketing and sales, leadership, management and human resources, as well as guest services, event planning, design and operations.

When you attend TISOH you will be given the opportunity to make connections that can help you get started on your career path. As part of your courses, you will experience guest speakers and expert panels that will expose you to industry insiders and allow you to hear first-hand from professionals in the field. Your industry-professional instructors will introduce you to our contacts in Las Vegas and beyond. You’ll also have the opportunity to take part in social events and networking opportunities that will allow you to expand your network and meet new people in the hospitality world.

As a TISOH graduate, you become a member of our 3,000-strong alumni family, and you gain access to this network of talented peers and industry contacts. We have designed a website especially for our alumni, TISOHnext.com, to help you benefit from everything your TISOH community has to offer you. Here you can engage with the TISOH Alumni Association, create, collaborate, and innovate with others in the industry through networking and alumni events, or even find your next career opportunity with our curated job postings. With TISOHnext.com, you’ll always have direct and continuing access to your personal hub of alumni support and resources.

Backed by an industry-recognized, widely-respected TISOH credential, TISOH graduates enter the workforce with confidence. A TISOH credential, whether it is a diploma, professional certificate, digital badge, or continuing education course certificate, will help you stand out from other job candidates, increasing your competitive advantage and demonstrating to potential employers your high level of understanding, initiative, and focus.

TISOH’s diploma programs include the Diploma in Hospitality Operations (DHO) (achievable in 11 months), designed for students who are beginning their hospitality careers, and the Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations (EDHO) (achievable in 7 months), designed for students who are looking to advance their existing careers in the field of hospitality.

For students who are looking to develop a specific skill set, TISOH’s professional certificate programs are single-topic and focused, allowing you to customize your education by choosing the program that matches your interest and the area in which you are looking to specialize. Visit our programs page for a complete list of available certificate programs.

TISOH also offers CLIMB, a digital library of accredited, single-topic, online continuing education courses. Each class is designed to be completed in just 60 minutes, and you can choose to enroll in a single course, a skill series (5 classes), or core series (10 classes). Upon completion of the course or series you will receive a Record of Accomplishment and Credly digital badge. With TISOH’s CLIMB series, you can quickly earn accredited credentials, and have a digital badge to show for your efforts.

All of TISOH’s programs are designed to prepare you for career success. With TISOH, you can learn marketable skills, make personal and professional connections, and earn credentials that will make you stand out in the job market. TISOH offers you what you need to be successful! Contact us today to learn more about the careers, connections, and credentials that TISOH can offer you!