Top 10 Event Planning Blogs to Check Out

Event planning is a detail oriented activity best approached with logical thinking, copious note taking and leaving nothing to chance. Planning events should never be an opportunity for a planner to test his luck or hope everything falls into place. All aspects of a successful event must be planned down to the last detail.

If an event planner leaves anything up to chance, it is likely something unwanted and unexpected will materialize, and more often than not, at the worst possible time. Fortunately, event planners today have a wealth of information available to them in the form of event planning blogs. These free blogs offer helpful suggestions regarding production, food and beverage, and venues for an event.

Understanding Different Event Needs

Events can be sorted into broad categories including social and corporate. The social category encompasses events such as weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs. Corporate includes meeting planning, conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, and gala dinner with awards.

While many people use the terms conferences and conventions interchangeably, there are distinct differences between the two. Conferences, by literal definition, are designed to cover a single topic, while conventions are generally longer in length and may cover several topics. Here are several blog resources event planners may use to plan and execute successful and memorable events attendees will appreciate and enjoy.

Social Event Planning

This is an excellent resource for planning a social event, with a strong emphasis on weddings.

This list offers birthday planning blogs that are essential for laying the framework for both child and adult birthdays. Topics covered include menu suggestions, venue/location ideas, and creative decoration suggestions.

This essential wedding planning blog offers creative suggestions for destination weddings and breathtaking honeymoon locations to unwind after the big day.

This blog is perfect for planning a green wedding when the environment and sustainability are high on the list of importance for the bride and groom.

This blog has great tips and information for anyone planning a bat or bar mitzvah. These events are rich in tradition and require specialized planning to accomplish the goals of the client.

Corporate Event Planning

A good place to get an overview of planning a corporate event.  Here, meeting planners will be able to read best practices suggestions from others in the industry, and avoid tactics that do not work.

This helpful blog is known as an industry leader among blogs associated with convention and conference planning. Every aspect of planning and execution of a successful corporate event can be found here.

This non-traditional blog site offers suggestions for corporate events from groups of people in a crowdsourcing/sharing forum. The advantages of this type of blog are that other event planners share ways to lower costs and make each dollar count, when budget is a principal concern.

Presents corporate event planning ideas with an emphasis on the United Kingdom. Meeting planning should be viewed as a global activity, and by no means limited to domestic locations. International meeting planning has more elements to consider since different language and currency could complicate an event.

This blog offers innovative ideas and suggestions related to the technology aspects of planning corporate events.  Audiovisual presentations are almost always needed in event planning agendas.

When organizing and planning an event, it is vital for the meeting planner to ask as many questions related to what the client is trying to achieve. Asking detailed questions allows both the client and the meeting planner to share a unified vision of how the event should appear and feel to the attendees.

All of these blogs are an excellent resource for those currently working in these fields along with those who currently study wedding, event and meeting planning. The creative blogs listed here are great launching points to inspire and inform meeting planners with ideas and suggestions to craft a fruitful and memorable event.