Unique Wedding Themes and Inspirational Ideas

While more than 87,000 weddings took place in Las Vegas last year, what they all have in common is a simple trip to the Clark County Courthouse, and a $77 wedding license fee.  That is, however, all they must have in common, as newlyweds today have more choices than ever in personalizing their wedding plans to reflect their individualism and lifestyles.

Living in Las Vegas and working in the casino catering industry provides numerous opportunities to experience and enjoy some of the newest and innovative ideas in wedding themes.  Several of those ideas will be discussed here to assist in making smart wedding choices.

Green Weddings

Given that the average wedding is now around $28,000 and that the wedding industry is estimated to take in more than $60 billion this year, having an environmentally friendly green wedding creates an opportunity to make a positive impact on our planet as you enjoy your special day. This theme is very popular with millennials and can be as simple as using soy ink invitations that are embedded with flower seeds on recycled paper.  After the wedding, the invitations are then soaked in water and planted. The future blooming flowers are a nice green reminder of the wedding weeks or months after it took place.

When selecting a wedding venue, consider one with a high LEED rating and one that is committed to sustainability.  Asking the venue for filtered tap water as opposed to bottled, and using table centerpieces that the guests can take home and grow as opposed to single use cut flowers are simple ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the wedding.

Rustic Weddings

Rustic locations such as a farm or a barn are wonderful site selections, as the menu can reflect the outdoor location with specialty cocktail beverages served in Mason jars and guests can make their own S’mores over an outdoor grill or campfire. The barn decor provides a timeless backdrop for an unplugged and dressed-down version of what can sometimes be a stressful event. Outdoor venues also allow for impressive aerial drone photography and GoPro videos by videographers.  When choosing a rustic wedding, make sure to guide the guests in dressing appropriately, otherwise guests could arrive in formal wear for a barn wedding with goats, sheep and chickens.

Unique Location Weddings

Opting for a unique and unconventional wedding location is a fun way to give your guests an experience they will not soon forget.  Memorable wedding events have been held at Tiffany’s, and at the Wynn Maserati dealership.  In both of these location weddings, the wedding decor is kept to a minimum as the site itself is the backdrop for the wedding.  Guests are not only able to enjoy the wedding, they are also entertained by visiting a location to which they might not normally not get to see and experience.

While these are only a few suggestions, when it comes to planning your special day the possibilities are endless. Incorporate as much of your style and personality as possible to make the occasion memorable for you and your guests for years to come.