What Can I Expect for Fall 2020?

… How TISOH Plans to Deliver the Ultimate Student Experience

LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning Format for the Fall 2020 Semester

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on the way we approach our lives, and has reshaped the way schools deliver their services. For TISOH: The International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada, this has meant a re-imagining of how we deliver our educational and training programs. We have always offered 100% online programs, which offer students maximum flexibility as well as the ability to stay safe during these uncertain times. Yet, the campus experience is unique, and to many, essential - and that’s why we have developed an entirely new learning format for the Fall 2020 term that will offer students the best of both worlds. Read on to learn more about TISOH’s brand new LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning format

TISOH’s new LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning format is changing the way we approach education in these unprecedented times. 

Our revolutionary LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning format for the Fall 2020 semester is designed to be a “best of both worlds” approach, allowing for the curriculum to be taught partially in the classroom (in person) and partially remotely via Zoom. TISOH will deliver the immersive classroom experience on campus safely, as we enable physical distancing by limiting the number of students on campus. At the same time, some class sessions will be delivered remotely to the students’ homes via rich, live and engaging remote Zoom sessions. This duo modality approach is synchronous - LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning students must be available to attend a live class lecture at regularly scheduled class times, either it be in person or remote. Through this new learning format, students will receive the ultimate student experience TISOH has to offer, while still staying safe and adhering to public health guidelines. 

The LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning format will allow us to deliver your education and training while providing for your safety. 

Students who choose the new LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning format must be able to commit to attending LIVE in person class sessions on scheduled nights during the Fall semester. Other lectures will be delivered remotely via Zoom, which will allow us to ensure physical distancing in the classroom by limiting the number of students on campus. TISOH is also implementing increased cleaning and sanitation protocols, in accordance with guidance from public health authorities. 

TISOH’s 100% online-only option is also available. 

For students who are uncomfortable attending in-person class meetings on campus, and for students who are not physically in Las Vegas, TISOH’s 100% online option is available. Our traditional fully online format offers students maximum flexibility; there are no scheduled class sessions online, all lectures and materials can be accessed 24/7 via our Brightspace platform. The online-only format is asynchronous - students study when and where it suits them, with no scheduled class meetings to attend. Students who choose the online-only format will join a cohort of online students and enjoy close personalized instruction from their professional instructor. 


Remote learning at TISOH offers students a rich, fulfilling experience.

Here’s how it works: If you are a LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning student, you can expect the remote classroom sessions to replicate the classroom learning experience for you at home. Instead of attending a live class lecture on campus, students synchronously attend a video conferencing session at home on a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. During the virtual class, students can see and hear their instructor teach, as well as be able to see fellow classmates and engage in live discussion. Online-only students receive similar video-based instruction, but the lessons are pre-recorded narrated presentations. With no regularly scheduled meetings, this format allows for maximum flexibility. As an online-only student, you can access your lectures 24/7/365. Students engage with their peers and their instructor through discussion forum postings, as opposed to live discussions during class time.


Ready to get started? 

TISOH is a unique school, dedicated to training the best and brightest in the hospitality industry. We pride ourselves in offering an immersive, truly experiential learning experience, which is why we have pressed ourselves to innovate and evolve with these changing times. It is our mission to deliver you with the best hospitality education and training possible. Call us at 702-374-0184 or visit our website at https://tisoh.edu to learn how you can get started at TISOH in the fall. Visit our remote learning page to see a video showcasing the remote learning experience at TISOH, and check out a VIRTUAL TOUR of our Las Vegas Campus. At TISOH, we provide flexible learning formats and a remote learning experience that stands apart from the rest. Contact us today!