What Can I Expect From Remote Learning at TISOH?

The COVID-19 health crisis has forced schools to suspend in-person meetings and move all work to a distance learning format. This disruption is truly unfortunate, but TISOH has not struggled to navigate the shift to remote learning: we have offered online courses for years, and have an established remote learning system. Our combination of live lectures, live discussions with classmates, and unparalleled student support make the remote learning experience entirely different at TISOH. Due to the Coronavirus, TISOH students are currently completing the spring semester online, and all classroom programs will be offered in the remote learning format for the summer 2020 semester. So what can you expect from remote learning at TISOH? Read on to find out how the remote learning experience at TISOH stands above the rest. 

How does remote learning work at TISOH?

With TISOH, you can expect your remote learning experience to closely mirror the classroom learning experience. TISOH replicates the classroom experience through live class lectures delivered through online platforms such as Zoom. Instead of attending your classroom lecture on campus, students synchronously attend a video conferencing session at home using a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone. 

Does the virtual classroom deliver the same experience?

As always, all TISOH courses are taught by industry professionals who are experienced in their field of hospitality. During the virtual class, students are able to see and hear their instructor teach, as well as view presentation slides, shared materials, and resources. Additionally, students are able to see fellow classmates and engage in live discussions. Guest industry speakers are occasionally featured just like they would be in the classroom. The virtual classroom builds a sense of community, and some students report the remote learning experience has made them feel even more connected with their class.

How is work completed and submitted?

Every TISOH student is given secure access to our user-friendly learning portal, Brightspace. Homework assignments can be submitted digitally through the portal for grading, and quizzes and tests are also completed on Brightspace. When presentations are required, they are done through video conferencing during regularly scheduled class periods.

What level of academic support can I expect?

Our goal is to make your remote learning experience as seamless as possible, and all academic services that are regularly offered to students on-campus are now available remotely. In addition to virtual small group workshops, TISOH is offering complimentary remote one-on-one tutoring sessions, ranging from curriculum-specific assistance to software/tech support. We encourage all students to reach out if they need support or academic assistance; our team is here to help you make the most of your learning experience.

What student services are provided during remote learning?

Our student services are our primary way of connecting, networking, and supporting each other, and we remain committed to providing these services to our students. TISOH is offering virtual hangouts, workshops, and special events remotely on a regular basis throughout the semester to all current students. Over the spring semester we hosted the dynamic national hospitality speaker Marvelless Mark (Unleash Your Inner Rockstar: How to Make the Most of Quarantine Time), as well as hosted TISOH Recharged, a panel discussion featuring a diverse industry panel of TISOH alums answering questions about how to stay focused during these uncertain times. We are already planning and looking forward to more awesome virtual events over the summer semester!

TISOH has offered remote learning through online courses for years, and we know how to provide distance learning to our students in an effective, fulfilling way. But we love having our students on campus, and we are looking forward to the day we are together again. Until then, we are still here for you in every way possible: if you are a current student, do not hesitate to reach out for support. If you are a prospective student interested in attending TISOH, our entire admission process can be completed entirely online or over the phone. Call us at 702-374-0184 or visit our website at https://tisoh.edu. On our website you can find Coronavirus-related updates, and visit our remote learning page to see a video showcasing the remote learning experience at TISOH. At TISOH, we believe in providing a complete student experience; come see how the remote learning experience at TISOH stands apart from the rest. 

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