What is a Career in Hotel Operations?

How TISOH can train you to be a Hotel Operations Professional

Are you interested in a hospitality career in which you can make a real difference? Hotel operation professionals are specially-trained individuals who understand both how to make a great guest experience, and how to run a successful business. These hospitality professionals operate and oversee a business’ day-to-day operations, delivering the highest level of quality service and client satisfaction, and the overall mission and vision of the business, ensuring that the business is run efficiently. These experienced, practical managers are vital to the hospitality industry. Learn what it takes to be a pro, with training from TISOH, the International School of Hospitality. 

As a hotel operation professional you can make the difference between a good guest experience and a great one. The best hotel professionals understand that guest satisfaction is their ultimate goal, and this goes hand-in-hand with running an efficient business. Hotel operation professionals handle reservations and guest check-in/check-out; they are the friendly face and warm welcome a guest receives when they enter the business. Hotel operation professionals also oversee housekeeping operations, making sure rooms are turned over and prepared properly to deliver guests the pleasant, comfortable experience that invites them to return to your business again and again. At the management level, hotel operation professionals oversee the business’ practices and finances, and are in charge of maintaining the business in an efficient, profitable manner. 

If you have a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and the supervisory abilities these positions require, TISOH can give you the training you need to be a true hotel operations professional. With TISOH, you can learn how to make meaningful connections with guests, through small touches that make the guest experience special.  You will also learn the practical skills and knowledge you need to run a hospitality business efficiently. TISOH’s hotel operations programs teach management, leadership, marketing and sales, human resources and more. TISOH students learn to master front desk and housekeeping operations, and the art of concierge skills. 
At TISOH, you have several options for how to train for your career in hotel operations and management. TISOH offers two diploma programs: the Diploma in Hospitality Operations (DHO), designed for students just beginning their hospitality career, and the Executive Diploma in Hospitality Operations (EDHO), designed for students who already have at least two years supervisory experience in the hospitality industry. At TISOH, diploma students learn relevant, applicable industry skills and knowledge in a hands-on environment from professional instructors. Students in the DHO program follow the Hotel Operations and Concierge career path, in order to focus their education and training on the industry they are interested in pursuing. All diploma students receive TISOH’s full CAREERsuite of individualized attention and support. With a diploma from TISOH you will be well equipped to begin a career in hotel operations and management, or advance the hospitality career you have already begun. 
TISOH also offers single-topic, focused certificate programs to provide the specific set of skills and knowledge our students are seeking. For students pursuing a career in hotel operations, or looking to advance existing hotel management careers, TISOH has several certificate programs available. You can choose from:

With TISOH, you can choose to take courses online, on-campus, or a combination of both. These accelerated, flexible learning options will allow you to pursue the skills and training you want, while you maintain your day job and your ability to juggle other responsibilities such as taking care of a family. Our goal at TISOH is to give you the training you need to become a successful hospitality pro; if you have the drive and desire, our professional programs, experienced faculty, and dedicated staff will provide you with the support to make it happen. 

Ready to learn more about becoming a hotel operations professional with training and support from TISOH? Give us a call right now! Call 702-947-7200 to speak with one of our helpful admissions representatives. We can answer your questions about TISOH’s hotel operations programs, our diploma options, and give you information about our modern campus and state-of-the-industry facilities located in the hospitality capital of Las Vegas, Nevada. What are you waiting for? Begin your hotel operations career with TISOH today!