What is Hospitality School Like?

Have you ever considered a career as a wedding planner? Or maybe you are more interested in meeting and conference event planning? If you are creative, have a passion for event planning, and are motivated to begin an exciting and rewarding new career, then attending hospitality school might be a great option for you! With a hospitality education, you can learn to be a wedding planner or a meetings and event planner. Going to hospitality school can also train you to be a hotel management or concierge professional. With a quality hospitality education, you can jumpstart a satisfying career. 

If a career in hospitality is interesting to you, the first step is to attend a respected, industry-recognized training program. The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) in Las Vegas, Nevada is a unique school developed to provide quality hospitality education and training. Since 2005, TISOH has provided career-focused, practical training to individuals looking to enter into, or advance within the hospitality industry. TISOH’s programs are designed to enable participants to apply their learning toward personal fulfillment, professional advancement and career development in the hospitality industry. 

Sound interesting to you? If so, the next question you probably have is: what is hospitality school like? Hospitality school is different than a traditional university, and it is different from a trade school experience as well. A hospitality school is career focused; at TISOH, the course content is predominantly task-oriented and practical, so that learning parallels the duties and responsibilities of actual industry positions. TISOH trains individuals using hands-on approaches that are applicable to specific industry jobs and professions, as opposed to a traditional university’s book-centered, exam-oriented learning. 

TISOH is unlike any school you have ever imagined.  At TISOH, you will find a close, integrated family that supports and celebrates each other’s success. Talented industry professionals, promising up-and-comers, and dedicated administrative staff come together to create, collaborate, and innovate. Small class sizes offer students the chance to receive one-on-one, individualized instruction and personal mentoring from experienced faculty who are recognized leaders in their fields. With top industry faculty teachers, hands-on instruction and a school community that is both supportive and caring, TISOH offers a truly unique opportunity.  If you are interested in pursuing a career in the hospitality industry, The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) in Las Vegas, Nevada is the premier institution.

Whether you are an aspiring wedding or event planner, a motivated up-and-comer in the hotel management world, or a guest service whiz like a concierge, TISOH offers you the best training and educational opportunities in the hospitality world. Come visit our modern campus in exciting Las Vegas. Learn more about our online programs and courses. Talk to our passionate faculty and dedicated administrative staff. Let TISOH help you chart your own path into the exciting world of hospitality. Don’t wait, call TISOH today!