What Skills Do I Need for a Food & Beverage Career?

Learn the Skills You Need, with TISOH!

A career in the food and beverage industry can be a challenging and rewarding field that requires a diverse set of skills. If you are wondering what are the key skills that contribute to success in a food and beverage career, read on to learn more!

Is a strong foundation in the culinary arts essential for any aspiring restaurateur? It is desirable, but not essential. You can always hire a chef. It is most important to have a pulse on the local market and to understand your audience.

Running a restaurant is as much about business as it is about cooking. You will need to understand how to manage finances, create budgets, and market your restaurant effectively. Taking classes in restaurant management that includes budgeting, marketing and such skills will help you learn the skills you need to shortcut your way to success in running a successful restaurant.

The food and beverage industry is fast-paced and deadline-driven, you'll need to be able to manage your time effectively and multitask to keep up with the demands of the industry.

The food and beverage industry is all about the little things. From presentation to taste and hygiene. Attention to detail is crucial to create and serve meals that meet the standards and expectations of the customers.

The food and beverage industry is all about customer service. Whether you are working in the kitchen or in a front-of-house position, you will need to be able to interact with guests in a friendly and professional manner. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential.

Knowledge of food safety and sanitation is crucial to ensure that the food and beverage operations comply with the regulations and industry standards. You will be required to obtain the necessary certifications and continual training to meet standards.

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving with new trends, technology and software emerging all the time. Being open to learning and adapting to new practices will help you stay relevant in the industry. Margins in food & beverage operations are often small, technology provides real time data to make the best decisions to save costs and increase revenue.

If you are interested in the world of food and beverage, consider training for a career in this exciting field! At TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, we are at the forefront of developing and cultivating food and beverage professionals.

TISOH, located in the heart of Las Vegas, specializes in training individuals just like you for careers in the hospitality industry, including in the food and beverage industry. At TISOH, students can learn the skills to become a top-level food & beverage hospitality professional. Students interested in this career path choose between pursuing a Diploma in Hospitality Operations, with a Food & Beverage focus, or earning an individual certificate with TISOH’s single-topic, focused certificate program in Food and Beverage Operations. With the Food & Beverage Operations program, students learn:

  • Foodservice operations and trends in the industry
  • Organizing and managing food and beverage for stakeholders
  • Food and Beverage Marketing
  • Menu management, pricing, and costing
  • Food safety and accident prevention
  • Food and Beverage production and service
  • Facility design, layout, and equipment
  • Financial management

Available in class or online, all courses are taught by professional faculty with deep industry experience, and students benefit from their expertise, as well as guest lecturers and expert panels. TISOH has the industry connections, professional faculty, and accredited curriculum to position students for success in the hospitality industry.

With TISOH, the International School of Hospitality, you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to make the world of food and beverage operations your career. Contact us today to learn more!