What’s Next? Gaining Transferable Skills with Training from TISOH

Feeling uncertain of your next move? Pandemic got you down? There are a lot of uncertainties out there right now, but if there is one thing of which you are certain, it’s that you want a fulfilling and rewarding career! You are motivated and passionate about your interests, and you don’t want to just sit around watching this pandemic tick by from your couch. No, you want to invest in yourself and your training, so you can secure an excellent job in the near future! TISOH, the International School of Hospitality in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a unique school offering online and hybrid courses in the field of hospitality. TISOH’s programs offer you the chance to obtain important skills in fields that can serve you very well, regardless of the industry you ultimately intend to pursue. In just a matter of months, you can learn marketing and sales, leadership, management and human resources, as well as guest services, event planning, design and operations. With remote learning options and a wide spectrum of student services, TISOH can equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in a wide variety of careers! 

While hospitality is at heart centered around guest services and the guest experience, the ultimate lessons learned when studying hospitality are infinitely applicable to a myriad of other industries. With TISOH’s thoughtfully designed courses you will learn a set of skills that is highly transferable to whichever industry you ultimately pursue. Course objectives revolve around important skills such as planning, preparation, organization, management, problem-solving, flexibility, and innovation. At the same time, you will learn guest service, client management, and operational skills that will enable you to design and execute events of any size or nature. All of these skills can be applied to hospitality jobs or almost any other industry! Whether you ultimately decide to work in hospitality, or in another industry, the skills you learned at TISOH will apply.

When you partner with TISOH for your training, you will find that TISOH does not simply offer you an academic education delivered through coursework, textbooks, and pedagogical lectures. Not at all! At TISOH, we pride ourselves in offering the most innovative, experiential training possible, and we have doubled down on those efforts during the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have long offered online and hybrid courses, and we are proud of how our community has pivoted to distance learning. In testimonials, our students rave about the ease of the BrightSpace online platform, the quality of our interactive virtual Zoom lectures, and the benefits of personal engagement with others in our TISOH community through message boards, social media, and virtual events. We continue to pioneer efforts to make distance learning as user-friendly and truly enjoyable as possible!

Whether online or in-person, TISOH students are taught by instructors who are true industry professionals with widespread industry relevance and recognition. Our faculty members offer students a depth of experience in the real world, and students benefit from their first-hand knowledge, as well as guest speakers, expert panels, and networking opportunities. At TISOH, the ultimate goal is to see our alumni find rewarding employment in a field they are passionate about, and so all courses are designed to provide realistic training that thoroughly prepares graduates for the realities of their future positions. With experienced industry instructors, and a curriculum tailored to the demands of today’s world, TISOH offers you the chance to learn the tangible skills and existential know-how to succeed in whichever field you choose. 

Right now is an excellent time to study hospitality and the related skill-set it involves! With TISOH, you can gain skills that will serve you well in a multitude of different industries, including:

  • Professionalism, Presentation, and Interviewing 
  • Leadership, Supervision, and Team-building
  • Guest Services and Providing a Meaningful Guest Experience
  • Planning and Executing Events
  • Organization, Management, and Communication
  • Marketing and Sales Fundamentals

TISOH’s diploma and certificate programs in hotel management, event planning, wedding planning, and catering management offer you real world skills and knowledge relevant to any industry you choose. And with TISOH, you can earn a diploma or professional certifications that demonstrate your level of skill, dedication and knowledge in just a matter of months. So why wait any longer to get started? Gain important skills that will serve you well regardless of which industry you pursue, with TISOH’s online and hybrid courses. Get started today!