Where Will You Be in 2023?

Gain Transferable Skills to Enter the Job Market with Confidence with Career Training from TISOH

The holiday season is here, and the New Year is just around the corner. What do you want to achieve over the next year? Where will you be in 2023? 

At TISOH, the International School of Hospitality we can help put you on a new path in 2023 - a path towards success in the job market. TISOH is a unique school, designed to cultivate hospitality professionals, but also distinctly capable of teaching  important skills across a variety of fields. With career training from TISOH, you can learn transferable skills, including marketing and sales, leadership, management and human resources, as well as guest services, event planning, design and operations - skills that can serve you very well, regardless of the industry you ultimately pursue. 

TISOH was developed for professionals to learn the skills they need for careers in hospitality, but the ultimate lessons learned when studying hospitality are broadly applicable across a wide range of other industries. TISOH’s course objectives revolve around important skills that are highly transferable. Students learn planning, preparation, organization, management, leadership, problem-solving, flexibility, and innovation. Students also learn guest service, client management, and operational skills, enabling them to design and execute events of any size or nature. All of these skills can be applied to hospitality jobs or almost any other industry! So whether you ultimately decide to work in hospitality, or in another industry, the skills you learn at TISOH will apply. 

TISOH students are taught by instructors who are true industry professionals with widespread industry relevance and recognition. Our faculty members offer students a depth of experience in the real world, and students benefit from their first-hand knowledge, as well as guest speakers, expert panels, and networking opportunities. At TISOH, our goal is to see our alumni find rewarding employment in a field they are passionate about, and so all courses are designed to provide realistic training that thoroughly prepares graduates for the realities of their future positions. Practical learning models emphasize hands-on skills training, providing an “on-the-job” learning experience that allows students to learn to do actual job tasks. Students build up their confidence, so when you start your first job, you already know that you can succeed. 

Employers want to hire someone who is competent and confident - job-ready candidates who have the practical skills to hit the ground running. TISOH offers you the chance to learn the tangible skills and practical knowledge to succeed in whichever field you choose. With experienced industry instructors, and a curriculum tailored to the demands of today’s world, TISOH teaches the skills you need to be competent in your field and confident in your abilities. 

So where will you be in 2023? Come to TISOH for focused professional certificate programs, and gain transferable skills that will empower you to enter the job market with confidence. With TISOH’s quality, practical short-term continuing education and career training programs, you can learn a set of skills that is highly transferable to whichever industry you ultimately pursue. Whether you decide to work in hospitality, or in any other industry, the skills you learn at TISOH will apply. Programs are enrolling now. Call 702-947-7200 to get started with TISOH today!