Why Start a Hospitality Career Now?

It’s a Great Time to Have TISOH By Your Side!


Across the country, hotels are mostly empty, and there are few large in-person gatherings occurring. Many questions remain as to how long it will continue this way, and you may be wondering... is now a good time to pursue a career in hospitality? The answer is YES! Hospitality is a resilient industry, and when the economy comes back, the demand will be strong for talented, knowledgeable individuals who are ready to get to work. Right now is a great time to invest in yourself, and your training, for a bright future in this industry! TISOH, The International School of Hospitality, can provide the knowledge and skills you need to be a highly desirable job candidate. Here are three reasons why now is a great time to pursue a career in hospitality!


★ Invest in Yourself, Invest in Your Future

Over the last few months, many of us have found ourselves with something we often had precious little of before: time. For all the inconveniences and adjustments the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us, there have also been silver-linings, one of which has been an increase in free time for nearly all of us. Even essential workers who have remained employed have more time than ever at home, thanks to stay-at-home orders that restrict all non-essential activities. So… what to do with this gift of time? Invest in yourself and your future! Right now is a unique opportunity that can be seized for the benefit of your future. Join TISOH, and in a matter of months you can be ready to pursue your career goals. Why wait? TISOH is enrolling now for Fall 2020!


★ Stand Out From The Crowd With TISOH On Your Resume

TISOH’s programs are career focused, and are designed to teach students exactly what they need to know in order to be successful in their chosen career path. By combining practical, relevant curriculum with extensive student support and career placement assistance, TISOH graduates are uniquely equipped to stand out in a crowded job field. At TISOH, the curriculum is developed by industry professionals with a depth of experience in the field, designed to teach practical knowledge and relevant skills with the real world in mind. Course content is predominantly task-oriented and practical; learning parallels the duties and responsibilities of actual industry positions, preparing students thoroughly for the realities of their future positions. With this kind of practical, skills-based training, you can prepare yourself to stand out in the hiring frenzy that experts expect to occur when the economy makes its resurgence.


★ Take Advantage of Remote Learning Options That Work For You

TISOH has offered online courses for many years, utilizing the Brightspace platform for user-friendly interactive online learning. With the challenges of recent times we have pressed ourselves to further innovate in order to deliver the highest quality learning experience possible for distance learning students. In Fall 2020, TISOH will offer an exciting new learning format; LIVE Classroom + Remote Learning offers students a chance to attend some classes physically on campus, while receiving other instruction remotely through engaging live Zoom lectures. This learning format is synchronous, so students must be available to attend a live class lecture at regularly scheduled class times, either it be in person or remote. Remote classroom sessions replicate the classroom learning experience; students can see and hear their instructor teach in real-time, while also seeing fellow classmates and engaging in live discussion. This new “best of both worlds” learning format offers a full TISOH student experience, while still keeping our community safe and adhering to public health guidelines. 

TISOH’s traditional 100% online-only option also continues to be an option for students who are not physically in Las Vegas, or who are uncomfortable attending in-person class meetings on campus. Our fully online format is asynchronous and offers students the greatest degree of flexibility; there are no scheduled class sessions, all lectures and materials can be accessed 24/7 via the Brightspace platform. Students who choose the online-only format will join a cohort of online students and enjoy close personalized instruction from their professional instructor. Each of our learning formats are carefully designed to provide our students with the best learning experience possible; click here to learn more!


With relevant, practical curriculum, professional faculty, extensive student resources, and innovative, effective remote learning options, TISOH is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to invest in themselves during this unprecedented time. The future of the hospitality industry is bright, and motivated individuals such as yourself will become the next generation of visionaries and leaders in this field. Right now is an excellent time to invest in your training, and pursue a career in hospitality! Contact our admissions staff to ask questions, learn more about our remote learning options, or to begin the enrollment process. With TISOH as your partner, you can have a bright future in hospitality!