Online Learning Experience


TISOH Online Learning Experience


24/7 Access
Full instructor guidance
Full student services support


Study in our flexible online environment with a community of motivated students. Access course content when and where it’s convenient for you while learning from the same curriculum and from the same TISOH faculty that our residential students do.


No special computer skills are required to learn online. The school online learning platform is powered by the Brightspace educational system, which is an industry leader featuring an intuitive and user-friendly design. With a PC, Mac–or even a tablet, or a cell phone–and an internet connection, you’ll have everything you need to enroll and learn.


Online Courses Available @TISOH


All Certificates and Diplomas @TISOH can be taken in-class or online. Courses in Diploma programs can be taken in a mixture of online and in-class.


What does an Online Course include @TISOH?


Online programs are identical to classroom programs.


Students receive access to the learning platform as their “classroom”. Instructional support is personalized and by the same team of distinguished professionals that teach classroom programs. The instructors are there to offer personal attention. In addition, students also enjoy interaction with the Academic Affairs Program Manager, who reaches out to offer assistance that may be technical, program related, or to just chat.


A full suite of student services is available. Externship placement assistance, career placement assistance, student ID card, discount program, and all other student services are provided via the Student Affairs Program Manager.


When students complete their program, they are invited to visit Las Vegas to attend one of the three graduation ceremonies. A wonderful evening with friends and family, the ceremony is followed by a reception to meet school administrators, faculty and fellow graduates. After graduation, services continue with the alumni association.


Online Learning Platform @TISOH


Online delivery via the school’s student-centered, user-friendly platform allows distance students to engage with those instructors from anywhere in the world while receiving the same quality instruction and educational materials as residential students.


The platform is personalized with a dropbox to submit assignments, an internal e-mail to communicate with instructors, a discussion board to communicate with other students, an area where learning is delivered via narrated PowerPoints, pdf documents and other forms.


Here is a quick tour!


Your home page is the central location for information about your courses and TISOH communication. It is here that you can access your mail-box, check on your progress, and even set task list for yourself!


The narrated presentations are easily found inside the learning platform.


The learning platform allows you to turn in assignments directly through Dropboxes attached to each course. There are Dropboxes created for each assignment that you are required to turn in. To submit an assignment, click and upload!


Click “Add a file”. It’s that easy.