Top Considerations Before Taking The Press Plunge

18:03 09 August in Blog

If you’re looking to take things to the next level as an event professional, public relations can be just the solution. It’s an exciting thing to integrate into your marketing plan and, when you’re new to the industry, it can be tempting to jump right in from the start. However, before taking the leap, it’s important to have your proverbial ducks in a row before moving forward with PR efforts. With a well-planned strategy, you’ll be sure to have your name...


A Guide to Picking Flowers for Your Wedding

13:47 11 April in Blog

Although the selection of flowers when planning a wedding is an important decision, it's often shifted to the back burner for more pressing matters. Breaking the process down into simple elements will help you better decide what is right for your special day. Couples first need to determine whether they will be using the services of a professional wedding florist, or if they will take on the floral aspect alone. Whatever route you decide to take, consider the following points...


7 Professional Wedding Planning Tips

16:20 07 March in Blog

The joyous task of planning a wedding can quickly become overwhelming and stressful without the right resources. Couples looking to avoid added stress when planning their special day should consider consulting a professional wedding planner for help ensuring the event goes off without a hitch. According to CNN, the average cost of a wedding in 2015 came in just over $30,000. The growing costs of weddings in today's landscape significantly increases the need for professional wedding planning services to ensure the...


How Technology is Changing the Hospitality Industry

14:01 29 February in Blog

The hospitality industry is a dynamic environment in a constant state of movement and evolution. Through technology, the last several years have witnessed the industry change at an unprecedented pace. To be successful in the hospitality industry in today's landscape, those entering the field must be open to using a variety of new tools to ensure satisfaction in both leisure and business travelers. Social Media & Peer Review Sites The prevalence of social media has radically changed the relationship between guests and...


Top Questions to Ask Your Event Planner

12:12 17 February in Blog

One of the best ways to increase the odds of hosting a successful event is to select a highly qualified event planner. For optimal results, the relationship between client and planner should be based on trust, experience, future expectations, and a positive chemistry between the two individuals. The event planner will be the liaison between the client and vendors, such as venue and possibly other vendors related to entertainment, floral arrangements, and transportation. When selecting an event planner, it is vital to...


How to Stay Within Your Event Budget

15:30 08 February in Blog

One of the most important responsibilities of an event planner is the daunting task of staying within a budget for an event. For multiple day events, the responsibility is even more crucial as minor cost overages can quickly become compounded until the final bill bears little resemblance to the original cost estimates. Fortunately, several key practices and tools can be implemented to reel in spiraling event costs. Research From the start, it's crucial to know as much about the event you're planning...


Recapping New Year’s Eve 2016 in Las Vegas

14:08 11 January in Blog

By now, the more than 342,000 people who decided to usher in the new year in Las Vegas have returned home. However, a summary of what transpired is worth more than a quick rearview mirror glance. The Entertainment Capital of the World was once again able to plan and successfully execute one the largest parties in the world thanks to some of the best professional event planners. Casinos use the festive occasion to host their biggest players for elaborate New...

Convention Center in Las Vegas

The 7 Largest Conventions Held in Las Vegas

15:32 05 January in Blog

Other than gambling, conventions are the second most precious asset keeping the 62,000 Las Vegas hotel rooms filled with guests. In fact, many would argue that conventions are more important to Las Vegas than gambling, given that many U.S. residents now live less than 45 minutes from casino entertainment. The stakes are indeed high, as Las Vegas battles other convention cities such as Orlando, Anaheim, and Chicago for a piece of the lucrative convention business. Last year, more than 5...


TISOH Faculty Instructor Highlight: Cliff Anderson

12:27 28 December in Blog

One of the greatest benefits The International School of Hospitality offers students is having instructors who actively work in the hotel industry. The quick changing and dynamic nature of the industry make skilled instructors, with real life hospitality experience, a crucial aspect to the success of students. By having educators who are in the thick of the industry, students gain valuable insight into changes and trends they may encounter when working in a hospitality oriented career. TISOH instructors, such as Clifford...


Advantages of Planning an Off-Season Wedding

13:35 21 December in Blog

Industry statistics shows that 84 percent of couples gravitate toward a wedding date that lands somewhere between the months of May and October. Couples may choose to have their wedding during this time out of tradition, or just wanting the best weather possible for their special day. Regardless of the reason, this desirable string of months creates a high demand period known as wedding season. For those couples who don't share the popular dream of getting married in May through...